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UK Embassy Interview Questions
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How did you qualify for UK HSMP program?

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Who is the sponserer of your Visa(HSMP)

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Why don't you do this course in your country?

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Why did you choose US ?

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What are the Academic Facilities of your choosen college/university ?

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if there is no application is filed under section 12 of MP Accomodation control ACT what will be the further procedure for eviction suits.

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if in your accedamics there is 6 year gap due to some reson what will be your answer ple help me as soon as possible

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Please give me the information regarding the studied in uk and the documentation for visa application

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How long can a uk study visa interview be?


sample questions for uk study visa interview?

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What are the probable questions asked during the interview ? what are the documents to be carried and also when will the stamping be done ?

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Would the visa immigration officers going to inquiore me about my poor performance in 10th grade??It was really bad,it was about 55% but in my 12th grade which i did from national open not from CBSE i got 70%?

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question asked at time of interview for point system visa by canada immigration dep.


i lost my refusal letter issued by UK Embassy, can any one help me how to get the duplicate refusal letter from the Uk Embassy.

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Would you rather work with information or with people ? (This question is asked by a UK based consultancy)

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