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i have applied for the f1 visa i have only bank loan as a
proof of funds can i get a visa or if not what are the
supporting documents i can show? and also my interview date
is on 30 nov 2007 can i postpone this to later date in
december? i have paid visa fees and sevis fees is there any
other fees?

i have applied for the f1 visa i have only bank loan as a proof of funds can i get a visa or if no..

Answer / pranav

dude its hard to manage ur scenario but wont say
tht there is no hope but it depends how u ans
when we go for visa ,we shd avoid some -ve scanrio
which cld be avoided by us
but u have created negative scanrio for u
dude most of the 40% student take loan for
thier feees
but when we say tht we had take loan ,it creates dbt
in mind of interview officer tht y they had take loan ,
is his parents not earnign engh to pay his fees
if not then y he wana go for study by puting his
family in trbl

try to manage funds from other n dont show loan in
interview but
ur ans to satisfy interview officer shd be :
my dad has businees n he needs personal funds and
he is able to genrate more what we oay for bank
he is a smart businessman he know how to play with
money so he decide to go for loan n i also trust my
dads decission based on his xprerince n capability to
generate more moeny then what we pay for interst rate

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