I did B.com with computers and then M.com. I worked in BPO
for 1.5 years and then I moved to IT industry. I have IT
experience of 32 months excluding BPO and i traveled US
twice on B1 visa. Now my company is planning to file L1 for
me. Am i eligible for L1 as i don't have B.E.

I did B.com with computers and then M.com. I worked in BPO for 1.5 years and then I moved to IT ind..

Answer / sourabh

My L1 is approved.

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Hi.. My Manager is going to initiate L1 for me. My name is misspelt in my passport, will it effect any where in the process? It was a typo done by the passport issuers, Instead of gaYAThri, they typed gaYTAhri. If it is a problem, what is the immidiate action I need to take now?

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Hi,I am working in an MNC IT company as software developer.I have completed BSC(15 yrs education in science).I nthat company I have worked more than 3 yrs now.So total work experience is 3+.Now my company is planning to send me to US (Clent side) under L1B visa. Now my question is am I eligible.???

2 Answers   CTS,

I am having 28 years of work experience and of which for the last 21 years working with same company which has branches world wide. Now my company is iniatining L1B visa for me . My education back ground is ITI+B.Com+Post Graduation in International Business. I am Technical line. Will my education be problem for L1 B VISA.

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I don't have any idea about visas. Could you please explain the diffrence betwen various visas.I mean L1 AND H1. In my company they applied for L1.

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i am a diploma mechanical engineer having 2yrs of experience , i want to know am i elligible for l1b visa.

0 Answers   Infosys,

can L1 visa candidate able to study MS in USA? Please let me know...

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Dear Team Iam working for one of the MNC. My current role is Analyst, My GL is Planning to send me US on L1 B I have done my PGDBM from distance mode from Hyderabad Central University …and My Graduation is done through distance mode from Dr.BR Ambedkar Open University.Due to my family issue I have to studied through distance. I have relevant 6 years experience Now my Query is wheather iam eligibility for L1 B.. Or not. If Yes what type of check they are going to do while processing L1 B Visa… Please let me status. Thanks Sree

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I have more than 10years of experience in software company and my company is filling for l1b blanket visa. My b.tech degree is in chemical engineering. Do you see any issues in getting the visa?

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what is dclgen

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Hi, I got rejected 3 times for B1 2 years back. but that time i was working for small company. now i am going to appear for the L1 visa. my profile has couple of changes, one is, i am working for a bigger well known company and now i have completed MCA. earlier when i got rejected B1, i only had MBA which is not a technical degree since i am into software development. I am qualified technical architect. can any one let me know what are my chances to get through L1? it is urgent please thanks in advance

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Hi, I am working in TCS, I got an offer from a small company and I applied for B1 visa through tht company and it got rejected 2 months back. So now still im continuing with TCS. Can i apply for L1b blanket through TCS. If not what are the conditions to reapply for the same. Please Let me know ASAP.

1 Answers   ABC, TCS,

I have done my +2 and then an open university degree and work experience of 6 years, regular education for 10+2=12yrs, and 3 years partime education. Will I be eligible for L1 Visa?My company is planning to trigger one for me, I am not sure if I would be eligible or not, any pointers would be very helpful.

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