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Hi, I am working for India Company X, I had applied F1 Visa
in the year 2008 and got rejected. In March 2011, my company
had applied B1 visa (training)and it was refused again. I am
associated continuously with the same company X since Jun
2005. My company had filed L1A individual visa petition
which is approved from USCIS recently in the month of Jan
2012. I am planning to schedule my visa interview in the end
of Feb or early March 2012.
Would there be any issues at the US consulate-Mumbai because
of these multiple rejection? Please suggest me what are the
chances of getting L1A approval.

Hi, I am working for India Company X, I had applied F1 Visa in the year 2008 and got rejected. In M..

Answer / guru

Hi ,

I am form IBM ..can you help me in filing l1-b
visa ....typein ibm you an get my mail
id...please help me

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Hi I have joined a reputed MNC in June 2010 and now wants to travel to US for project related work. My company will be processing the L1 Blanket visa for me and under this category are there any restrictions like I have to be in that company for the last 1 year, because my overall tenure with my current company is only 7 Months. Thanks in Advance!!!

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Hi, I have my visa interview next month. My passport will expire on 11/2010. My father name in passport Achupha where as in all certificates it is Achutha. In first name in first name instead of T it is given as P in 5t character. Will it be a problem for Visa. In application what shuld i mention in father name. the name which in passport or the one which is in certificates. Please help me out. Thanks Raghu

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I Have already B1 visa and never travelled so far and now they initiated L1B visa for me.Please tell me whether they will reject L1B due to this?

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I was passed in 2007.did lectureship in engineering college for 2.5 yrs then did one professional course in 2010.from there i got placed to MNC now having 1.5yr of exp in software.Now my company wants to file L1 B visa for me.As dis visa is meant for people with specialized knowledge.Is this 3.5 yr of gap after my education and job will be reason for my L1 rejection.Do the visa officer check every educational certificate thoughrouly.I cant mention lectureship as my previous employer also.plz help I have my visa interview is on next week.

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Hi, I am working in TCS, I got an offer from a small company and I applied for B1 visa through tht company and it got rejected 2 months back. So now still im continuing with TCS. Can i apply for L1b blanket through TCS. If not what are the conditions to reapply for the same. Please Let me know ASAP.

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