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wt is view ? wht r the restrictions for view ?

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wt is view ? wht r the restrictions for view ?..

Answer / ratheesh nellikkal

A view we can treat it as a virtual table.
It doesn't have any physical existance.

A View can be created entirely from a single table or from
a number of tables with appropriate joins.

The mail Restriction in a view is that if a view made up of
more than one table then it can not update it.
(Obviously if the base table is not exists the db2 will
trow an error and u can not create the view)

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wt is view ? wht r the restrictions for view ?..

Answer / rajesh

View is just a display of a DB2 table where the access to
that view can be controlled.

Restriction : In order to create a view a base table should

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wt is view ? wht r the restrictions for view ?..

Answer / anjireddy vintha

view is a logical object which is derived from parent
table. view will be deleted automatically when patent table
is deleted.

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