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cursor with hold explain ?

cursor with hold explain ?..

Answer / ratheesh nellikkal

Hi All,
Cursor is nothing but a pointer to a result set that you
get as a result of executing a query.
So if u wanna some operations using this cursor then u have
1. Declare a cursor
2.Open the cursot before the first access
3.Do the operations
4.Close the cursor.

But in case of a normal cursor (not declared with 'with
hold' option) in between the operations if u issued a
commit command then the cursor will be getting closed and
if u wanna access it again then u should open it again.

But incase of a 'With hold' cursor it will maintane the
states if you issed a commit also.
Means it will not get closed by applying frequent commit.

Ratheesh Nellikkal

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