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is the secondary voltage of current transformer greater
than primary voltage,,,,,,,,]
give the example with ct burden,current ratio,and primary
and secondary side voltage?

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is the secondary voltage of current transformer greater than primary voltage,,,,,,,,] give the ex..

Answer / srinivas

ct transformer is used to measure high currents in the
circuit. high currents r steppeddown and then measured so
it s current step down transformer nd voltage setup

so,secondary voltage of ct is higher dan primary...

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is the secondary voltage of current transformer greater than primary voltage,,,,,,,,] give the ex..

Answer / sadineni sreedhar

yes secondary voltage of ct greater then primary but the secondary terminals should be looped that's why the secondary voltage is zero when we are open the secondary terminals(at the charging condition) then voltage will increase and it may damages/ blasts the ct because of ct secondary cannot insulated for that much of high voltages

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