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I have recorded a test using qtp to download a file in an


Browser("MFA Work Queue Manager").Page("MFA Work Queue
Manager").Link("Rules Maintenance").Click
Browser("MFA Work Queue Manager").Page("Rule
Maintenance").WebEdit("txtSearch").Set "PmtType"
Browser("MFA Work Queue Manager").Page("Rule
Browser("MFA Work Queue Manager").Page("Rule
Browser("MFA Work Queue Manager").Dialog("File
Browser("MFA Work Queue Manager").Page("Rule
Dialog("Save As").WinButton("Save").Click
Dialog("Save As_2").WinButton("Yes").Click


When running this test it gives an error at line no. 5 as
Save button object is not identified by it's parent object.

This code I ran 4 times after recording at it was working
fine but 5th time onwords, it starts giving me the above
problem. I used exist property option, Check Property
option but none of this changes work at all.

Kindly help...

I have recorded a test using qtp to download a file in an application. Code: Browser("M..

Answer / kamakshya prasad

See, there are 2 "save" buttons in your script.
when you are running the script, QTP getting confused due
to the existance of 2 SAVE button, unable to identify them
properly. so they will be distinguished in 3 three way
i) Index value proerty
ii)creation time property
iii)Location property

Use any one of these property, i think it will work


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