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Why do you want to enter the field of management?

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Why do you want to enter the field of management?..

Answer / kumararvind

do the challenging task is my passion and management is a field which provides the more challenging task and it also give the true rewards to that person. it is the scopy field where i can do my best.

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Why do you want to enter the field of management?..

Answer / kishore

Its an Art, something Spl.

Upto Me... Managing people is an Art.

Controlling man made objects/things is not a big deal but
varies as per its sensitivity

Ex: Controlling a Automobile or a Place. Only diff is
salary, an automobile driver gets less paid compared to a Pilot.

But Controlling Humans/people is a big deal.

ex: with our family, everyone had their own behavior,
character and thoughts.

So Managing Ur team and taking necessary actions while
assign tasks to each in an proper manner by analyzing their
capabilities without hurting any ones relation (HR)is a
great feel. their by achieving ur company's target

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Why do you want to enter the field of management?..

Answer / ramanath patro

managememt it self tell that manage all the things which is
want ans unwant thigs . now a days is globalised market
many companys inter to indian market so that scop is vary
high management vary nassary .to lern to pratish the
pratical thins

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