how to convert T-flipflop into D-flipflop?

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how to convert T-flipflop into D-flipflop?..

Answer / swati

xor the output of the T ff with the D i/p and give it to the i/p of the T ff

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how to convert T-flipflop into D-flipflop?..

Answer / aisha

place a not gate at the t-flip flop output.

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how to convert T-flipflop into D-flipflop?..

Answer / prashant(ece)

place xor gate at the input of t-flip flop

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how to convert T-flipflop into D-flipflop?..

Answer / namashivayam

simple ! jus take the output from q' of t
gates are required.

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how to convert T-flipflop into D-flipflop?..

Answer / mandeep kaur maan

in a t-flip-flop, the same input is given to the two inputs
of the flip-flop used to buid the t-f/f, so, simply put a
NOT gate at one input to the flip-flop used in the t-f/f.

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