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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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please suggest some good universities with low cost iam in totally full confusion so please help me my profile gre 283 and ielts 5.5


What are the essential parts of a transformer?


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Why induction motor overheated?

HVCC, Physical Research Laboratory (PRL),

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I have a one P.F meter in my factory showing 2 phase leading and one phase lagging then what is my actual P.F.

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For single phase(phase to neutral) having potential difference three phase(phase to phase)we have 440V HOW...?

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How to calculate earth fault current for 6.6 KV , 50 HZ , 756 Amps , 3000 RPM , 0.8 PF generator


What is broken wire condition in transmission line?


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What is the difference between ground & earth or neutral

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What is conventional thermal current (Ith)

Alstom, HPL,


What happens if ac excitation is given to the field of an alternator


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what is advertised hop count


Why transmission line carryiny high voltage and low current?

apspdcl, Universal Power Controls,

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What is the meaning of transformer 16 / 20 mva. 

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we use capister for power factor. when we use capaciter in dg circuit  than defect dg. can we use capaciter bank for dg circuit



Min and  max capacities of VCB,ACB,ACCB,OCB,MCCB and MCB


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can anyone give an idea about dia calculation in cold rolling mill


1)we have 1000 cfm Blower,Dia-1Mtr,Velocity of air 94 m/s 2)We have Natural Air velocity 94m/s 3If i Put Wind Mill in natural air ,speed is 94m/s Then it will generate Assume 100kw 4)If i put same wind mill across the Blower,air speed is same 94m/s now the Question is Will it generate 100 kw?


What is excitation in case of dc motor?


what is difference between window type and wound type transformers?where we will use window type and wound type transformers?


What is the tipical Online UPS input voltage for 20 KVA load ( 3 Phase or 1 Phase )? Why ? Explain it...?


how flow current in 220 kv line to line


briefly explain principle of resistance welding


I have doubt that the supply HZ (very low or high than rated ) may affect the power factor. is it true. ?


The principle of switching circuits for different types of batteries in application of storage systems


what is mean by PIR in circuitbreaker and give me detail of that?


Write the current equation in series RLC circuits.


how to select automotive wire by mathematical equation with given current, vlotage and resistance


i am venkat i got gre 930(verbal 270 quanta 660) and my toefl score question is why u got less score in gre ? what i supposed to tell...any chance of rejection is accadamics record is very good


On a 3 winding transformer YNynd11, how do you apply REF protection to the Delta tertiary winding that is supplying auxiliaries to a substation?


Difference between RCCB, RCBO and ELMCB.