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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why so voltage is same in parallel circuits and current is same in series ckt?

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whytransformers rating in KVA?


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What is difference between dc three point starter and dc four point starter?


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Why dose voltage rated at 11kva

TK Chemical Complex,

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which frequency is to be selected for measuring earth resistivity

MSETCL Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd,

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how many number of terminals are available in CURRENT TRANSFORMER

MSETCL Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd,

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Anybody know how schematic diagram for reverse power relay? RPR for generator protection


Why Lead-Acid cell voltage is 2.1 volt, why we can not chenged it cell voltage by using extra row-material, only incries its AH.

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how does induction motors works.

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what is raw power & normal power

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what is the necessary of using inductance property in transmission lines even through resistance is used to opposes the high current flows in that?????


Why short circuit calculation is not required in LT cable sizing and requiredin HT cable sizing only


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why the supply frequency in india is 50hz?

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what is the power ratio between power in star and delta circuit?

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How to Calculate KA Rating of Main LT Panel


How earthing/grounding done in aeroplanes and ships.


Why hydropower is called renewable source of energy?


Where can I get Iidian straderd specifications for electrical items or works in web? please help me.


I have experienced electrical maintenance HT ,but I completed be ECE ....can I apply c license or not ???? Pls help me friend s...


What is the effect of pd controller on system performance?


slipring induction motor starting time Lrs operating why lrs starting time lrs outer body didn't get shock


What is Scheme Test of High Voltage Switchgear. Which tests it includes.


plz send me the placement interview question and answers of whizchip(technical and apttitude)..i have an interview in next.


with out colour codeing on conductor how can be find what is r,what is b,what is y phases.....


Draw transformer phasor diagram.(full load,no load)


What are the necessary components of the feedback control system?


When the relative speed between the magnetic fields of stator and rotor does is zero under steady state operation?


Power factor =1.000 at factory in supply. However, PF = 0.8 at motor end. Current = 100 Amp, Voltage = 400 V. What is the power distribution loss? Can I reduce it by adding capacitor at the load feeder?


what kelvin's law ?