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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how to extend relay operating timing in 24V dc relay card (without using Timer )


what is meant by PU value ? anyone can you explain briefly to me ?

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need help, please can someone tell me how can i calculate the main breaker and branches breakers to distribution panels (MDB) depending on the load ampere .. i really need it but can't find any site >>

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What is maximum permissible length of cable from transformer (33kV/0.433kV) HT side to HT panel which contain VCB? In which standard i shall get this information.


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Which motor has more efficiency ;Synchoronous or Induction motor ?


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What happens when the power factor is leading and its disadvantages.

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What is the basic difference between 90% stator earth fault and 100% stator earth fault, and its phenmenona?


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purpose of breaker contact multiplication relay?


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if two heater of rating 1KW,200v are connected in series 100v supply what will be the power taken

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write a program that prints prime numbers from 1-20 in digonal form


What will be done if we open the secondary of CT on load??


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what is the transiant condition in alternator? and how it can be prevanted?


i alternator which of genarator used for excitor the what is reason?

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Hi.I want to ask how to calculate contactor rating current? for example I have 460 V , 100 A (induction motor) calculate contactor rating current?

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I want to know what must the CT ratio be on a load of 300A is a 3PH nutral to earh installation?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

How many types oil using in transformer ? How many letars using in transformer..?


how to flameproof electrical motor on the shaft?


What does quality factor depend on in resonance?


Transmission through a short line depends on


what rectifiers is and what are the types of rectifiers?


please forward me the type of questions which would rise while me attending to 33KV Electrical License to my mail


if there is nutral in phase why we use earthing wire and grounding? even at fault condition the fault current flows to neutral (it is a lower path)


what is alluminium arm in ab conductors


either water sensor or flow meter,how we observe the water level, f any other equipment are in market ?


why do we put a transformer on soak before loading it


What is the HVDC Transmission System? What are the conditions applicable to lay an HVDC Line?


Where I can get the sample question for post of Junior engineer electrical-II For RRB Bhubaneswar.


what happens to the water pump if ground water level is slowly decreasing?our water pump is varying from no-load full-load due to this problem


What is the formula to find out two phase active & reactive power


what is the chiller and working principal