Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how to extend relay operating timing in 24V dc relay card (without using Timer )


what is meant by PU value ? anyone can you explain briefly to me ?

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need help, please can someone tell me how can i calculate the main breaker and branches breakers to distribution panels (MDB) depending on the load ampere .. i really need it but can't find any site >>

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What is maximum permissible length of cable from transformer (33kV/0.433kV) HT side to HT panel which contain VCB? In which standard i shall get this information.


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Which motor has more efficiency ;Synchoronous or Induction motor ?


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What happens when the power factor is leading and its disadvantages.

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What is the basic difference between 90% stator earth fault and 100% stator earth fault, and its phenmenona?


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purpose of breaker contact multiplication relay?


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if two heater of rating 1KW,200v are connected in series 100v supply what will be the power taken

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write a program that prints prime numbers from 1-20 in digonal form


What will be done if we open the secondary of CT on load??


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what is the transiant condition in alternator? and how it can be prevanted?


i alternator which of genarator used for excitor the what is reason?

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Hi.I want to ask how to calculate contactor rating current? for example I have 460 V , 100 A (induction motor) calculate contactor rating current?

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I want to know what must the CT ratio be on a load of 300A is a 3PH nutral to earh installation?

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write encoder 17 pins details? pin a;b+, pin b;w+,..pin s & t. what is the meaning of b+, w+? explain;


33kv substation lay out details & line to line & line to earth measurements


Define resonant peak?


how can tell us the AC indoor or outdoor which Tr and formulls


what is the purpose that we use PLC system in power system


If I want to buy a new Xformer for my plant what are the main parameter will I need to check?


Installation resistance for whole installation of 16 kva & 25 KVA DTRA a) Between each conductor b) between conductor to earth c) installation resistance for each apparatus, each conductor to earth d) earth resistance for the system of earthing


What is process of anneling transformer core


what is relation between ct and pt ratio with multiplication factor of a energy meter? is there any other factor on which multification factor depend?


why power not passes in plastic and rubber material


How we can come to know the substation range,without go through any name plate ?


What is resolver and glass scale in CNC how they work?


In cable sizing calculation (determining the max route length of cable) why we choose the shortest length between cable length of full load current Iflc & starting current Istart?


derive DC RMS value for half wave rectifier?


What will be the effect if I use inverter as UPS mood?