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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why do some transmission towers have two insulators at one side and three insulators at the other side

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sir iam a 3rd yr eee core company comes for recruitment to our aim is to be placed in l and t.tell me the procedures.


I am having a DG set.The 415 V from Generator is step up to 460 v and then the same is used for Induction furnace. before Step up, I am connecting LT load to my factory use. When Induction furnace is in service from DG, when i try to start a motor, the generator is tripped.Please tell me the reason.

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in ceiling fan and table fan what is the rotating part and what is the stationary part?

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What is breather? why we use it ?

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How to set a Zone 1 distance relay for distribution feeder?

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why tertiary winding is used in transformer with diagram?


why single induction motor is not self starter?

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for 644KW load which MCCB should i use

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what's the thickness of 1.5sqmm wire


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Give 3 phase transformer connections for 24 pulse rectifier using thyristors.


what is the difference b/w ground & virtual ground?



what is the effect of change in supply frequency on load angle of synchronous motor,all other parameters remaining same?


we use 3 phase supply for induction motor why not use two phase supply .


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how do the stepper motor works.


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what is the difference between b c d curves on mcb


what is electrical machines


What is the safety of UPS?


In control room of our one plant there is a continuously the incoming power goes to PC is vary,means in stabilizer it continuously indicate from high input to low and low input to high. what is the reason and its solution.


how to calculate fuse rating for a motor


1)how to reduce the value of tan delta of trasformer and CB,bushing,CT&PT,CVT ? 2)how to reduce the resistance of CB contact and its operating time? 3)plz.....send me the project report on conditioning and monitoring of substation equipment on my email id (


What is the criteria for selecting the voltage classes of an AC Induction Motor.The KW rating above/below which ht/lt selection is made may be provided in details.


State kirchoff current law?


What do you mean by a voltage transformer?


what are factors to be consider in electrical installation like load factor,diversity factor .....


how to select rating of HT Panel


Transmission through a short line depends on


Explain the method to keep noises low in a control system?


What is the method for testing the differential protection stabilty in generator? When the time of starting What will happen if differentail protection connection wrong means?


why generator efficiency is more in swinburnes test?