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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is meant by lagging & leading current


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what maximum load will take a aluminum cable of 50mm 4 core.

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what is inductive voltage transformer? what is its application and how it differs from capacitive voltage transformer?

NRSC National Remote Sensing Centre,

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what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation.

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what is bus post insulator and its applications in substations

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what are inductive and capacitive voltage transformers.what are their applications


what do you mean by lagging and leading current.explain in detail.

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what are the compensations considered while designing a transmmision line.

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why vaccum circuit breakers are preferred over m.o.c.b

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why are we using multiples of 11 in substation.

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why we measure ouput of transformers in kva.

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what do you mean by star point.its importance in ct & pt

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for any load, what happen if we use the cable rating above its normal rating

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can anyone plz tell me in 3 phase induction motor, whare we use STAR CONNECTED MOTOR and whare we use DELTA CONNECTED MOTOR

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What is the difference between split AC and Casste AC?


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What is Bolted fault?


What is DTR erection?


what is draiv work


hi,every one, i have to write the search paper on "performance policy optimization" of NGN (next generation networks). i need the material on this topic. can any body help me. please tell me any useful site where the good material is available and name of any reference book. it should be a great help for me.


Why cables and busbar both needed in LT Panels?


What is cross over distortion? How it can be eliminated?


On a 3 winding transformer YNynd11, how do you apply REF protection to the Delta tertiary winding that is supplying auxiliaries to a substation?


Why squirrel cage motor can only use with low starting loads ?


if there are six generators (3 gas CATT, one Jenbacher o1 MW each, and two nos Diesel 01 no 01 mw other 0.65mw EDGs ( say), 3 CAtt gas set have identical pole pitch,01mw EDG and Jenbacher gas Set have different pole pitch, how their power connection can be done to connect a common bus bar during installation. in short, how different pole pitched generators power connection can be done to connect a common busbar system through generators incomer ACBs.


how to failure indution motor insulation & how to improve heat in motor insulation


whate is the meaning of balance/unbalance,in stabilizers type


what is meant by class 1 E in electrical power supply?


Why in metering Ct for ammeters ct secondary side is grounded for each Ct but not in case of CBCT (Core balance current transformer)..kindly some1 highlights the it because net flux is zero?


what is the earth current,reverse power,electrical trip generator short circuit,low voltage, high voltage please discribe me


What are the types of excitation system?