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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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if a 3phase 100kva distribution transformer , 400 v,50 hz, 4-wire system is loaded at 160 k.w mostly 1-phase Lighting & Airconditioning split a.c load what will be the net effect on the power system in terms of voltage, powerfactor, current , efficiency of xformer


what is the minimum recommended leakage current of an earthed cable connected to the body or skid of an alternator


there is an alternator 480 k.w, 400v,50hz, 4-wire running on load having leakage alternator body earthed current 38 A. is it within acceptable limit? if yes then give reference if no then how to bring within specified limit


how hazordious area is classified at an oil & gas plant and categorise suitable class of electric equipment in that area like induction motors, LCS, Lighting Fixtures Fluerescent/Flood lights Mercury& sodium lights, J.Bs, Power Cables etc

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What is magneto on a gas generator. how it functions. its out put is d.c or a.c. how it can be checked for correct functioning


What is ignition module of a CAT Gas Genset G-3508 Engine, Alternator SR4B Series. HOw its checked for correct functioning.Is it repiarable or replacable?


if i have 5kw,9A,three phase induction motor,if i want to install it 100 meter away from its feeder,how i will culculate cable size for this load.

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in a refinery one motor is suddenly stoped. what will do how can i findout the problem explain step by step

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the cheapest inducting instrument among all is a)pmmc b)moving iron c)electrodynamometer d)rectifier


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Explain the grounding concept adapted in aircrafts?

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why do we use bundle conductors instead of using single conductor of larger size for high voltage transmission?

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in a refinery one motor is suddenly stoped. what will do how can i findout the problem explain step by step

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what is the value will come when megger the phase to phase ,phase to neutral ,phasae to ground ?

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what is allowable current flows from phase to ground with out tripping the breaker

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Why more than 2.5 MVA distribution transformers (secondary is 440V)are not used in india.

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Explain the terms real power, apparent power and reactive power for ac circuits and also the units used.


what will happen if OLR CT in all phases are short circuted


th how could we differentiate between armoured copper and armoured aluminium cable what is the basic application? why we prefer the armoured copper as compared to armoured aluminium.


Post possible questions for Power Factor Panel FAT / SAT


electrical knowelge


What happens if the negative to earth voltage is greater than positive to earth voltage in the battery of substation?


what is the common earth


What is float cum boost charging system?


i am venkat i got gre 930(verbal 270 quanta 660) and my toefl score question is why u got less score in gre ? what i supposed to tell...any chance of rejection is accadamics record is very good


What is lifting power for 1 wb/m2 and 1 A magnet?


what is the cause of voltage dipp or swell in the transmission lines?




1. The DC generaror,s induced output emf is connected with a DC motor(as load). when increasing the load of the motor by using brake drum or any way. what are the parameters will changes in both motor and generator(voltage, current, resistance, frequency, speed, torque, power, flux etc...) 2. Similarly for AC generator and AC motor 3. similarly if using DC batteries instead of DC generator, What happens?


Why electrical power generation and transmission done in 3 phase system not more than 3 phase ?


What is the lockout relay