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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the current carring capacity of 0000SWG and 0SWG overhead solid bare copper conductor. If possible please provide reference for various sizes Vs current ratings

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On monitor it is written that current rating is 2.2 Amps. Is it a monitor current drawing capacity or CPU & monitor. If it is only monitor rating, what will be the rating of only CPU and what will be the power consumption rating of PC, Monitor & Scanner? In net, I learnt that computer consumes only 200-300W while running. With the current rating of 2.2 Amps, how it could be 200-300Watts. Please explain?

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What is the permissable nutral current of three phase system as per IS standards?


For example, if I use Star delta transformer for distribution, Can I Connect 230 V lighting load bewteen secondary phase & primary neutarl. What will be the effect, if I connect in this manner?

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why rating of transformer is in KVA but of motor is in KW

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WHAT SHOULD BE THE RATING OF generator required to run a pump motor of 45 Kw.

Jauss Polymers,

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How earthing/grounding done in aeroplanes and ships.


what will be the effect of leading power factor on turbogenerator (and system) that is running parallel with other TG.

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IN induction motor pf is increased using capacitors.what will be the effect on motor and system when very large capacitor is accidently installed and pf goes leading.


what will happen if ac motor given dc supply?

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what will happen if dc motor given ac supply


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what will happen if transformer given dc input

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what will happen if field winding of Synchronous generators given ac supply

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what will happen if field winding supply of synch generator accidently got disconnected?

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why one pin of plug pin is longer than other two? In some mobile chargers one pin is made not conducting .Why?

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What is meant by reset level of the relay?


if 6 earth pit value is 1.5 ohm then what should be the number of earth pit to make the value .8 ohm


how we calculate torque ? how we improve it ?where torque will either motor or generator ?


how we calculate the withstansing current capacity of wires&cables?


i completed my DEEE. and i want to electrical c license. how to get it..?


why did youi choose this career?


What is the difference between single core 2 wire and single core 3 wire system? Which application we are using this? and for What purpose we are using this?


What if the difference beween internal and exrteranal LBB?


What is ideal IR values for ground and neutral.


What is earth system using on the floater TN-S or TT. Iam not sure and what ICCP


What is DC series motor?


what is photo voltic cell,& what are the materials associated with that?and any spcifications like volts/cm etc?


What is meant by cold loop test in instrument


Direction of flow of active power and reactive power with logic?