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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the current carring capacity of 0000SWG and 0SWG overhead solid bare copper conductor. If possible please provide reference for various sizes Vs current ratings

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On monitor it is written that current rating is 2.2 Amps. Is it a monitor current drawing capacity or CPU & monitor. If it is only monitor rating, what will be the rating of only CPU and what will be the power consumption rating of PC, Monitor & Scanner? In net, I learnt that computer consumes only 200-300W while running. With the current rating of 2.2 Amps, how it could be 200-300Watts. Please explain?

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What is the permissable nutral current of three phase system as per IS standards?


For example, if I use Star delta transformer for distribution, Can I Connect 230 V lighting load bewteen secondary phase & primary neutarl. What will be the effect, if I connect in this manner?

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why rating of transformer is in KVA but of motor is in KW

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WHAT SHOULD BE THE RATING OF generator required to run a pump motor of 45 Kw.

Jauss Polymers,

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How earthing/grounding done in aeroplanes and ships.


what will be the effect of leading power factor on turbogenerator (and system) that is running parallel with other TG.

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IN induction motor pf is increased using capacitors.what will be the effect on motor and system when very large capacitor is accidently installed and pf goes leading.


what will happen if ac motor given dc supply?

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what will happen if dc motor given ac supply


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what will happen if transformer given dc input

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what will happen if field winding of Synchronous generators given ac supply

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what will happen if field winding supply of synch generator accidently got disconnected?

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why one pin of plug pin is longer than other two? In some mobile chargers one pin is made not conducting .Why?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

What is the working principle of MIG welding? and its out put Voltage?


Why the unit sizes of hydro generating machines are not standardized as in case of thermal powerplants?


our industries ht line so power fluctation(once drop of power please rectify causes


What is an ideal transformer?


If the earth is a good conductor of electricity, why don't people get shocked every time they walking on earth?


how many current required for hypo test


My question is whether bellow formula is correct to find bus size for 46kA for 0.5 second & what is RT in bellow formula. formula to calculate the size of busbar to withstand the thermal stresses due to currents with duration of 0.2 sec to 5 sec. Sp = RT( I x I x t) / K Where Sp – is the cross sectional area of bus bar in millimeters. I -    is the value of AC fault current. t -    is the operating time of disconnecting device in seconds. K –  is the factor depending on the material of the conductor, insulation and initial and final temperature. Value of ‘k’ for copper is 143.


Why different Pressure switch used in marine boiler water circulation system


please tell me, how i clear the objective test? when i studied form the one book after i solved the objective ,that time i solved that qes. but if i tried solve objective form the other book then i could not solved these que.


how we control automatic generator i'e with to supply (main supply and local generator) when the main supply was break to supply the local supply automatically to begin supplying power.I now this control circuit is the combination of contactor time delay contactor switch and overload relay .but my question is how we combine those component thank you


any one can explain the stages of a knee point which is taken during ct magnetising curve.


Thermal withstand capability under full short circuit conditions, in terms of number of times of occurrence of short circuit and corresponding anticipated percentage reduction in transformer life.


difrent between vcb acb sf6 and mccb breakers


how to find motors H.P. whout any rating? (only give you a motor and multimeter)


how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING)IO (current operating)?