Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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describe the Tranformer testing procedure


describe the A.C. Generator Testing procedure


please write motor, transformer, Generator setting, fault level calculation of Tr.etc


if power factor comes in leading & showing -0.95. Is there any effect on electrical system? if yes, then please tell me what would be the effects. & how long we keep power factor in leading. Keeping power factor in leading shows more KW & less KVA is it correct or not.


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what is rotor earth fault protection scheme in hydro generator & what is dc field flashing ?


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how dg's working of 1000kva.

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what is the principle of switch gear? where its function ?

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what is the difference between capacitive voltage transformer & inductive voltage transformer.

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How to know the back up time for a 5KVA UPS which is connected to 15 nos. of computers? Is there any formula for this? pls. tell me.


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what is the power rating of CPU, CRT type moniter, LCD type moniter,scanner Approx.



Generally at what power factor the electronic equipments like computer, TV, EPABX etc.,operates. Please tell me.


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what is the reason for indication of light in the earth lamps of main switchboard.if there is an earth why does one lamp get dim and the other two bright.


Which type of power plant is more easier to produce electrical power at economical condition?


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can i able to get bhel previous exam question paper?



in three phase with neutral connection, what will happen,if the neutral is in open condition with single phase distribution panel

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i m doing DEEE in part time,can i join regular cources in BE,,IF i join what the cources can i select like (civil,ece,IT) ,,kindly advice


when ac current flows thru d coil of a contactr,it energizes,magnetic field attracts d contact of the coil...nw wont dt ac current in d contct induce current back on to d coil thru mutual inductance leading to high currnt in d coil


What is the type of earth fault protection used in battery? explain.


How can two 3 phase transformers of same KVA and Voltage be connected in parallel?


he compression ratio for a petrol engine generally lies between


What is the Surge for 1.1 Phase Induction Motor(For Eg.1Hp) 2.3 Phase Induction Motor(For Eg.1Hp) 3.AirConditioner(For Eg 1Ton) 4.Refrigerator(For Eg 180Ltr or 160kW) 5.Induction Cooker 4. Ceiling Fan


in control panel, how can i measuring the distance between one bus bar to another bus bar. then now only for bus bar. in mpcb and contactor also. that means one mpcb to another mpcb how much distance? how can i calculate that.


why ht cable end termination don't have a gland?


How much should be the load percentage for 15kva Inverter and Iinut & I output load with Calculations


In control room of our one plant there is a continuously the incoming power goes to PC is vary,means in stabilizer it continuously indicate from high input to low and low input to high. what is the reason and its solution.


1)we have 1000 cfm Blower,Dia-1Mtr,Velocity of air 94 m/s 2)We have Natural Air velocity 94m/s 3If i Put Wind Mill in natural air ,speed is 94m/s Then it will generate Assume 100kw 4)If i put same wind mill across the Blower,air speed is same 94m/s now the Question is Will it generate 100 kw?


i need project topics along with circuit diagram in the electrical and electronics engg and also some websites regarding projets.


write a program that prints prime numbers from 1-20 in digonal form


PAC and simple Ac different


hi friends ,iam working as genset AVR service engineer in electrical field from past 2 yrs throughout india . i plan to shift in some other job without travelling in same field because i con't travel,i dont know what i do for that so please guide me what job is suited for me,how i can serch the job please anybody helpme iam totally confused