Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why do you add the load short circuit impedance when considering short circuit amperage. It seems that you should only consider supply. If you need to consider loads and you don't know what loads are to be added , what would be a good sub-transient reactance rating for the loads?


What the capacitor Current formula?, For 1 KVAr how amps its required? for using the KVAr for boosting the PF Design Calculation.( Eg: for 30 KVAr required how many KW?)

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why the crow do not feel the current in overhead line when it sits on the wire??????

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Is HT capacitor rating connected directly to motor terminals , related to motor no load current?


What exactly is meant by harmonics and harmonic current?? and what is skewing with regard to this??

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What do you mean by distributed winding in alternators? how exactly is 3 phase power generated?

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circuit diagram of ht panel


how does a submersible pump work..?


what is the difference between starter and control panel..?

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how does a submersible pump work..?


what will happen at secondary side of transformer if i increase voltage at primary side?while V1*I1=V2*I2 will secondary voltage or current increase?

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For a three phase induction motor, what will be the effect on motor if the neutral of the system is shifted to say 20 deg.?


how to control the speed to switched reluctance motor


Why the size of transformer decreases if we increases the frequency?

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What is ferro-resonance in electrical system? Why it occurs and what are measures to prevent it?


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What are the material used for inductance coil?



Define filter?


what is model question rrb junior engineer electrical gr.II


What is an iron loss or core loss pi?


What is resonant peak?


why core is useful for a transformer ?and also in its operation ?


importance of reactive power management


what is a composite error in current transformers, why occurs & in which it will occur i.e, either metering ct/ protection ct


What will happen if the voltage in my house drops from 220V to any lower voltage?


What is the role of power pack in substation protection system?


to vary valtage from 0 - max a variac is necessary . so how to design for high power applications nearly about 200KW power


How is the percentage impedence of a transformer fixed at design stage???


Why we use auxillary relay ? what is function of differential relay, directional o/c relay?


Differentiate between induced emf and self inductance?