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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Brushless excitation of synchronous generators and motors


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describe the Operation of induction generators from bus bars



why 1.7Uo for HV cable Hi pot test?IE standard why?



why single phase to grd test in HV cable?why not 2 phase at a time?


why impedance test in power cables?


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why PD testing for power cables

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use of automatic voltage regulator & input voltage of it?

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Can we use HRC fuse inplace of semi conductor fuse ? What are difference between them?

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What is the difference between ELCB and RCD

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Why is the electric shock from the DC supply is more dangerous than the shock from AC supply.


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When a 25kV line touches the train, will passenger get shock?

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why the starting voltage drop in a cable needs to be limited?what is percentage of the voltage drop allowed during starting?


Is it any dc fuses availbale in market? can we use one fuse for both AC & DC ?

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what should be the no load current of an induction motor

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What is the major difference between P.T. & C.V.T ? Why CVT is used in HT Transmission line in place of P.T.?


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What is the difference between Encoder and Resolver?


how to find ratio of CT & PT in 66/11kv 12 mva supply system ? explain with calculation.


I have a situation to design sub-Distribution board/Panel meant for feeding power sockets. In the incomer CAN i Take TP MCCB with Neutral Link and All the outgoing feeders with to sockets with TP MCCB and Neutral Link? P.S : My System is IT Earthing


at which voltage level arcing ground is occurs ??????????


1)What is a Triode? What are its uses? 2) What is a Triac? 3) What is a Thyristor?


what is droop control?


In electrical what is earth(ground)connection, wht is the importance of it, why it is recomended to maitain below 3VAC between Neutral and earthspecially in PLC used machines?


Sate maximum power transfer theorem?


Determine a suitable number of slors and conductors per slot for the starter 1 winding of a 3 phase, 3300 V. SO Hz 300 rpm alternator. The diameter is 2.3 m


what is the size of ht cable of 33kv ht line and transformers ratings are 1 Mva and 5mva.please send formula also.


draw 3 phase rectifier diagram


We have a distribution transformer of 750KVA/11kv/440v and an AVR (Servo Stabilizer) of 750KVA on the LT side of distribution transformer. Also we have an ACB of 1200A on the output of distribution transformer (that is on the input of AVR). We want to have an MCCB on the output of AVR. What should be the rating?


What is the difference between resistance grounding system and resistance earthing system?


Give me the calculation steps to design an electromagnet to be work in 230V 50 Hz AC Supply. Also give force that is created by that electromagnet when it gets energized.


I want to merge a between two metering Cubicals which contains CT's and PT's and Energy meter..before taking merger..what are the common things required?