Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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would you please give me any idea about the BARC interview question on electrical? i have an interview on 1st july.....plz hlp me.......its urgent......



What is the function of the exiter in DG.

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What is dynamo?How it works and what is the function of dynamo in a DG.


What is the function of Fuel and Oil filter in DG.

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what is NGR in generator?

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The synchronous speed of a motor with 6 poles and operating at 50 Hz frequency is ___.

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The efficiency figures for energy efficient motors (in comparison with standard efficiency motor) can be generally higher by____%.

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The power consumption, in case of centrifugal loads (like pump, fan, blower etc.), proportional to ____.


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Which types of following motors are most efficient?


What determines the thermal loading on the motor?


Unbalance in voltages at motor terminals is caused by ____.


Application of DC motors is generally restricted to a few load speed applications because of _____.


Which of the following are ill suited for energy efficient motors application?


Reduction in supply voltage by 10% will change the torque of the motor by ___.

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The inexpensive way to improving energy efficiency of a motor which operates consistently at below 40% of rated capacity is by _____.

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What are the components of feedback control system?


Explain the role of a car driver as one of a feedback mechanism.


why asa method ZPF method is more accurate than ASA method?


Types of test in Switchgears, MCC, NGR and DB's how it should be procced. Can anyone give me the details here or email me to pasuvaraj.k@gmail.com


how the phase convertor changes the no. of phases


What are the types of piano switches?


What is the rating of a circuit breaker needed for 300 kv load in 33KV supply line of 33/415 transformer ? Whether 800/1200 amp vaccum circuit breaker can perform for a 33 KV line in input in 415 volt in output of the transformer ?


How to use computer cpu ups use for home inverter circuit board


Parts of machine and their discription in details with suitable photo


What are the different power system losses and how can it be eliminated?


can we choose current transformer secondary, to calculate residual flux in a power transformer, so as its saturation is close to the saturation level of power transformer?


For a stable system, where should the poles of a system be in a root loci plot?


If we have to find the inductance of a dc shunt motor then by giving dc supply or ac supply and what is the reason for it. (this example is from "to determine the transfer function of a dc shunt motor ")


which capacity of RCCB used for five thousand watt electricity load?


For group 1 , 2 whather i have to prepare my technical or general studies etc? and im graduate in ee engg. for wht posts im eligible for? please tell me!