Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why are some relay circuts designed to have the ct current flow through the neutral instead of the phase wire, such as in some diff relays?

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Why should we use the igniter in the sodium vapour lamp.

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what is the ideal earth resistance

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What are the difference between these terms ? e.m.f, voltage, potential, potential difference, current etc? what are the difference between these terms ? (electromotive force) e.m.f, voltage, potential, potential difference, reference potential, reference potential difference, current. How can i explain and describe these all terms in single line each and little more explaination too thanks


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How to check the specific gravity of the two 12 V batteries connected in series to a 24 V UPS and inverter ? will we have to disconnect all the connections and turn off the UPS and inverter or not ? will we have to check specific gravities in each cell of the two batteries ? what is the name of the instrument that is used to check the specific gravity and whats the procedure to check the specific gravity with it ? thanks

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how one can check the Current of a DC 12 V battery ? Procedure. I told that take a thick wire (having more wires in it) and then join the + and - terminals of battery with the help of two ends of a thick wire .... is this correct or wrong .....

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can you check the current and voltage of a 12 V battery by a digital multimeter in this fashion that apply the digital multimeter across the battery terminals directly ? say yes or no ... i sais yes ........... is this true or false ? plzz tell me and also explain ........ plzz thanks

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What is the working of AVR in AC generators?

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MCCB 400 Amps 50KA 430Volt AC What is mean by 50KA

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what are the safety measures of induction motor?

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what are the safety measures of induction motor?


What is an electric arc?

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How will you Physically differentiate A.C and D.C motor?

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In a Dyn11 transformer, how are the 3 windings of the delta connected? Assume that R1-R2, Y1-Y2, B1-B2 are the 3 windings on the HV side.

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How to see the inductance in a transmission lines


For RCD (Residual current device) Icu is defined. How i can find Ics for them?


slipring induction motor starting time Lrs operating why lrs starting time lrs outer body didn't get shock


how to decide the capacity of accl


Difference between low impedance and high impedance Restricted Earth Fault


Is it true online ups having bypass mode if it is true then why we called ups because it is interrupting power when goes in bypass mode


What products have you designed which have entered high volume production?


What are the section criteria for cables. Now everywhere XLPE power cable is used or PVC is also used?.


How PADO software increase the efficiency of power plant?


Metal covered multiconductor cables shall employ a marker tape located within the cable running for its complete length in lieu of cable surface marking. Is it true or false?


What information we need to prepare relay coordination chart


is the value of inductance depends upon the value of thitha in doubly excited machine??


how to calculate the battery AH


for what voltage will reactive power be largest in 380 kv line : a) 375kv b)380kv c)385kv


what is load despatching