Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why should we india maintain frequency of 50 Hz.

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what is the capacity of storing mass electricity.

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In a distribution system,having 3phases & 1 nuetral.ecah phase to neutral is 230V,line-line voltage is 440V,but what is the voltage of each line.but it should obey the KVL law.

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How can i calculate heat load ?


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why should we connect the no load components in a equivalent circuit of transformer in parallel?why cant it be in series.

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what is the working principale of air circuit breaker ?

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hi friends this is a newcomer in your community of enthusiastic peoples. i am preparing for SSC (CPWD JUNIOE ENGG EXAM FOR ELECTRICAL) pls guide me on the same how to crack it? PLS LET ME KNOW IS ANYONE THERE WHO PASED IT? CAN I GET THE QUESTION PAPERS OF PREVIOUS EXAMINATIONS?


What is the meaning of Insulation H for transformers????


1.Defination of Graund earth and neutral 2.

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what is Ith current?

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Why current Transformer is rated by 100A/5A/5A?

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why measure the gravity in battery?

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define B types and C types in MCB ?


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1 tr is equal to how many Kw .is there any specific formula for this to get the result .

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Can anybody tell abt concrete encased earthing or grounding?


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what is the difference between unarmoured & Flexible cable? How to identified?


quantizer means?


various transmission tower like .,D tower ,K.C.O tower ,C.C.O tower,K.C.R tower ,C.C.R tower ,H.C.O tower in different tons.


Why we are use dol starter up to 10 hp


Can a generator rated 400 V, 60 Hz be used in a 50 Hz System? Yes or No ? Why ?


How does a tertiary winding filter harmonic(espcially 3rd one) from entering into load system?


Why do we pefer VCB over OCB?What are the advantages of VCB over OCB?


What is the two pole structure?


why there using acb enclosure in big buildings


the typical output of a solar cell is........


How to protect a Dosing pumps/any sensitive equipment (single phase) from surge protection inside a food factory.


what causes contact chatter when there is no demand on the air conditioning unit?


what is ramping rate of generator


How is efficiency of DG set calculated? At many places I found the efficiency to be mentioned in percentage. But at some other places I found kWH/ litres. I want to know how dimensionless percentage value is arrived at?


What are the types of the glands and difference between single and double compression type of cable Glands.