Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the use of feed water treatment in boiler?

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relate the frequency between feed water treatment & blow off



how many manhole should be there on boiler? why?


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What will happen if oil is mixed with boiler feed water? Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water? what is difference between fan and blowers

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What is the melting teparature of the boiler fusible plug? Which is the metal used for boiler manufacturing?

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What do you treat in high alkalinity of boiler water? What is a feed water pump? What is a Booster pump?


What is the normal vacuum pressure in a steam turbine atmospheric condenser?


which cooling process used in steam turbine

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which cooling process used in gas turbine

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What is the effect of high alkaline water to a boiler?

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Steps In starting boilers.

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What are the methods of heat transferin boiler & condenser

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What is the color of the flame of the boiler running in good condition?

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What type of pump is commonly used is feed water system in boiler?

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What is a brake horsepower?

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Where can you find the feed check valve and feed stop valve and give the purpose of it?


After any cause of repaired how i start the engine by slow speed 800 to 900 rpm electronic control moudle engine [cummins]


What happen when the expansion valve is excessively open?


wt is dynamic coupling????


"What do you going to observe, when a diesel engine is running?"


why we do not megger to motor under system is very high vaccum condition. and what is the tempreture of vaccum conditon


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how control valve works? process line pressure is 50kg/cm2g and instrument air pressure is about 4 kg/cm2g.


How to check temperature controller?


What are the causes of dirty lubricating oil?


How to prevent back fire of boiler?


What is torque converter?


how the magnetic trains are leviated(MAGLEV)?


What is a feed water pump? Dearator feed heater?


list three things you can do with the files you create by recording your voice on your computer?