Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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if there is 30% loss in cooling of an ic engine then to reduce that it is ok to supply 30% less fuel? why?


if you are standing on 30th floor & you asked to drink a water through straw .can you? water is in glass at the ground floor.

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why the stroker is provided in the boiler?

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what is the difference between the air preheater & air blower?


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function of the strainer in ic engine?


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difference between rolling & pitching

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what is the use of fudicial indicator in measurement?


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Can I ask "you are having experience in welding field?"

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why the baffels are provided in water tube boilers?


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why the lever of spring loaded safety valve is very long?

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work done in throttling process is given by which formula?


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what is used to check the amount & quality of fuel in two stroke ic engine?


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why rotory compressor is used in the gas turbine?

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what is the function of steam trap?

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where is the steam trap connected in boiler distribution?


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Explain how to measure crank web deflection?


What are the causes of damage of diesel engine exhaust Valve?


what is the reason if a supply air grill located top of the glass and glass is getting sweated.become like mist.


how can i access syllabus of different psu.plZ help me


what is the difference between impact force and sudden force? pls give any example.


effect of temperature on stainless steel at temp(500C-750C) in respect of the following properties-required for silencer application 1.thermal conductivity 2.heat conduction 3.mechanical strength 4.temperature to weight ratio with values


What is the felding arrangment of the boiler


What are the procedures in paralleling D/G?


Heat a vessel with water inside and cool it under tap suddenly. Now when we try to open it...It does not open easily ...why?


how can you describe yourself


I'm a Mechanical Engineer (2007 passed out) 77% distinction degree holder from anna university chennai, tamilnadu. presently working in a software company, i'm interested in getting my job with Indian Railways. Can any one help me in how to know the vaccancies and applying for RRB.


What is the thermal efficiency of a diesel engine?


how to prepare for bhel et interview


if we not carried out B check at mean time in DG set what will be happen?


What materials use to make valve body, and What data needs to choose correct valve size