Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is flange rating


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hi fiends i am a diploma engineer(mech).now i am preparing for b.e mech part time course. could be send me entrance questions paper fo me .''


State the difference between Forging & Fabrication?

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sir i want model and previous year question paper of RRB. please send it to my mail id. im a mechanical engg.



Sir , i need question papers for junior engineer exam

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what are the types of welding tests please answer or e mail to

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what are diffrent types of pneumatic conveying systems?

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what is the use of offset follower in cam? why and where we have to use this type of follower?



what is the use of offset follower in cam? why and where we have to use this type of follower?

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what is call tapits in a diesel engine.

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what is a presure relife valve in a diesel generator.

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what is breather i a diesel engine. state its function.

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what is priming pump? state function.

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what is machnical interlock? explain the uses.

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what is a boiler

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how control valve works? process line pressure is 50kg/cm2g and instrument air pressure is about 4 kg/cm2g.


Why did you choose this career?


How does optical pyrometer work?


The lowest allowable insulation resistance?


Company insists on a joining bond to protect the investment made in recruiting, training and mentoring employees. Are you willing to make this commitment ? -1 year for candidates > 5 years experience -2 years for candidates with 2-5 years experience -3 years for candidates with 0-2 years experience


find the damper capacity of a system having a damping co efficient of 90% with a vibrating mass of 0.1Kg over a spring having a stiffness of 1KN/m.


Please send rrb je mechanical question and answers model


What is the purpose of air cooler of D/E?


plz send me interview questions for POWER GENERATING CORPORATION LIMITED. my mail id is ""


What are the usual checks when induction motor is running?


what is the reson in a/c system that TPN TRIPPING


How much fuel is to be burn for production of 1 ton steam?


What is cri pumps & mechanical sael


What causes diesel engine to automatically stop?


what is mean by boiling mechanism ?