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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is flange rating


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hi fiends i am a diploma engineer(mech).now i am preparing for b.e mech part time course. could be send me entrance questions paper fo me .''


State the difference between Forging & Fabrication?

Pioneer Labs,

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sir i want model and previous year question paper of RRB. please send it to my mail id. im a mechanical engg.



Sir , i need question papers for junior engineer exam

RRB, UJVNL, Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam,

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what are the types of welding tests please answer or e mail to

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what are diffrent types of pneumatic conveying systems?

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what is the use of offset follower in cam? why and where we have to use this type of follower?



what is the use of offset follower in cam? why and where we have to use this type of follower?

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what is call tapits in a diesel engine.

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what is a presure relife valve in a diesel generator.

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what is breather i a diesel engine. state its function.

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what is priming pump? state function.

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what is machnical interlock? explain the uses.

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what is a boiler

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how to calculate bearing pre-load?


How to check temperature controller?


Dear all, Will some one help me in this issue please? We are entering the Zero Stock Component in Maintenance Order, and we make a Check when the order creator is going to release system will appear Error, until he will not delete that zero stock components from the Maintenance order. but right now what the order creator is not releasing the order but he is going to save order, when's he save the order without release system will generate Reservation in the back ground, which should not happen for Zero Stock Components ? I need the way which we are doing in MB21, Reservation creation by thru Cost Center / WBS Element. At present if you run MB21 and you are going to issue the material system will not allow to generate the reservation if there are zero stock components in the list. please guide me for this issue ? Note : Simple what I need is I don't want to create any reservation thru maintenance order for the Zero Stock Components. Regards, Abdul Mujeeb


send me tech quesions please to


Hello sir, I am Rajaram. I have finished DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering). I would like to attend BHEL supervisor examination. So i want which type of questions can i prepare. & give previous supervisor examinations questions. Reply my mail (


What does 0.125 inch stand for in 0.125 inch npt thread?


sir can u plz send me Jindal Steel's mechanical engg. paper and the aptitude paper of previous year....i wud be very thankful to u.... my email id..-


What are the 3 parts in indicator diagram?


Is knowledge of properties of engineering materials is significant in pattern making why?


What is the principle of a pump?


you did why u r intrested marketing field ?


please send jindal steel and power model question papers


When did you decide to become and mechanical engineer and why?


What causes cylinder liner-wear down?


Why must we pay attention when we drain steam in steam turbine. What factors are observed?