Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is TOTAL ELONGATION of a tmt bar?

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The old welding machines used electromagnetic winding to step up the current for welding rods. What is the new principle inside the welding machines?

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newtonian fluids and non-newtonian

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how we have to face the interview?

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difference between mass and weight


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difference between strengh and toughness.


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why the head portion of the screw jack (which carries the load when not rotating) is made hollow?


apgenco prevoius question papers

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how we can check of any kitchen exhaust fan

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What is the difference between soldering & brazing?


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Q : How to calculate cooling water pumps head, do I need to consider static head and frictional loss of the pipe with high elevation? I mean to say is discharge pipe branches to several elevations and joins to the cooling water return line. The highest elevation pipe goes to a heat exchanger at (xx) psi inlet pressure. Should I consider only pump discharge header and this piping for head calculations? How about frictional losses in return pipe? Pressure recovered in return piping is good enough to make it back to the cooling tower?

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Would you please provide me with questions collected for interview regard to pressure vessel, which is in the aspects of welding, NDT, materials and painting? Please send these questions&answers to within 1 week, Thank you for your help. Rgs!


why vesels are constructed by cylindrical type?

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A diesel engine,if i use there petrol fuel,What is problem there & what is the result?

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what is different between mechanical seal and oil seal

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Temperature closer for brazing operation is-------


how to calculate bearing pre-load?


wap to insert an element in array at a particular location


How i injecter setting qsk series cummins engine and i can using click type torqurench or dial gauge type


is there a future for a mechanical er. in supplier development field ?


What is the trunk type and crosshead type piston


How to Track the Inventory Items that are avaliable past 15years.


When mesuring the flow of liquid what are the two things to measure?


meaning of 125kva DG


Find the greatest and smallest number among the given 5 numbers without using ‘>’ or ‘<’ operators


What is the furnace Oil viscacity


why we use kg/cm2 in pressure gauge not kg/m2


• How can you justify it?


Name the four most important components of a Freon refrigeration system.


What is the difference between a mechanical engineer & a Marine engneer?