Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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25 questions in 25 minutes were asked by L&T corein mechanical engg test on 28 nov 2011 are as follows:- L&t mechanical consists of 1> airfuel ratio 2> mollier chart for flow rate 3>homogeneous or hetreogeneous mixture 4>sublimation curve 5>effect on room temperature when fridge is opened 6>cop of refrigerator 7> punching and piercing uses shear or not 8>method not used for tapering 9>forming method not used for productn 10>numerical regardng no.of cuts 11>flow of chip is controlled by which parameters 12> property important for impact loading 13>stifness of spring when it is cut into 2 pieces 14> device reqd for energy fluctuation 15> property on which rivet is selected 16>crowning to prevent flat belt pulley errors like undercut 17>cavitation occurs at which stage 18>qstn regardng inventory control 19>for ship vessel industry what sort of plantlayout reqd 20>value engg definition 21> qstn on how the extnsn occurs for uniform loading 22> qstn regardng stress actng on the shaft23>maximum value of mohr's circle diameter 24>qstn regardng meshing of teeth 25>qstn on helical gear reqrd better read G.K.PUBLISHERS GATE PAPERS ESPECIALLY FROM 1993 to 2003 ESPECIALLY THEORY QUESTIONS RATHER THAN NUMERICAL QUESTIONS



how many type of engine?


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in aviation, How does control valves work?


how to calculate british temperature unit (B.T.U)?

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Sir can u send me few interview questions and answers based on Deputy Superintendent(materials) of APSRTC. I have selected in written.reply to thank u.


what is diploma?

Honda, Hyundai,

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please send me previous placement papers of cummins company



How much capacity or discharge for 1 hp diesel water pump

Apollo Tyres,


how to work on angular contact bearing? And which type load it take.

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type of welding


type of welding


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Which bearing is connecting to I.C engine shaft?


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Why big tyres are used for rear wheel ?

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What is more efficient between 2stroke & 4 stroke engine?

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What type of beari ng u will prefer for automobile?


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There is a block placed in between air and water. water is at 100 deg cel and air at 50. 1) Draw temperature profile. 2) Why is it curve in air and water?


I am much interested to join airforce but I heard that this is not so good for girls .please give ur views that what should I should do


Working Detail of enging?


i require technical question paper which has been asked in last railway recruitment board exam for the post of junior engr.


Discuss how to prepare the M/E in the standby condition


I have mechanical job experience. I am planing to get diploma with the basis of my experience. which institutes will do this in fast track mode.


How cooling Tower height selected


I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer and when turning on the A/C the accuator opens and closes the panel doors on its own without me touching any controls..i bought a new climate control (350 dollars) and that didnt fix it..can anyone help??


Where mixed flow type compressors are used?


I am a technical graduate with 2 years of experience in automobile industry. i want to prepare for air force technical level examination. will u pls tell me what is the syllabus or do u have some model question papers???


What is NPSH of Pump


Describe The Complete actvities of the STORE KEEPER?


what is the magnetic (electric) center)


How do you detect earth by lam p?


what is the advantages and dis advantages of critical speed of turbine.