Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Hello . pls tell me ..when the results of HPCL officer trainee exam held on 2nd march 08 are coming out...any guess?? pls reply

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What is the vane diagram in centrifugal pump

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What is the diffrence between head & total head in pump

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Can someone tell me the related topics or helping books for the hpcl interview questions (for engineer graduates..)

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can anybody tell me whta kind of questions i may face in HPCL interview.( rpl.



How can we calculate BOILER capacity

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if in centrifugel pump suction,discharge and impeller size constant and motor rpm increase.what is the effect on pressure and flow.

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what is procedure of measuring operating length of mechanical seal.(in case of centrifugel pump)

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which case we will find maximum pressure and flow in centrifugel pump- circular casing or volute casing.

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types of pipes

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types of turbions

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How cn u measure to steam in kg/hr or ton/hr

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plz get me the placement paper for the hindalco industries Ltd. plz mail it on


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hall ticket copy



How you are going to remove corruption?


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what is the effect of throttle pressure on turbine efficiency?


Tell us how do you discharge your duties in your duty post


What is the purpose of ventilation in the battery room?


What is the difference between P11 & P22 pipes?


what is tooth profile


I am Sunny..I have completed B.Tech(Mechanical).can i apply for Probationary Officer Post in Syndicate Bank 2010.Is that they hire engineers for PO Post?


There is a back compression in Engine, what does it mean


[lease send recent question papers of rrb in junior engineer


What is the formula for 1 HP of a two-cycle engine?


how to check quality of steel?


which quality steel is better for molasses storage tank? & why? IS 2062 GR A OR IS 2062 GR B


Sir i am appearing for the section engineer post examination of railway recruitment board.Can you please send me the previous question papers from 2001 to till date.


find the damper capacity of a system having a damping co efficient of 90% with a vibrating mass of 0.1Kg over a spring having a stiffness of 1KN/m.


write 2 important assumption on fin theory?


in the design of a rack and pinion with the pinion having a pitch of 4in and a teeth number of 45,how many teeth should a rack of length 196.850in have