Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much nails used in 1 sq m shuttering

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how quantity of much blocks, cement and sand is required to complete 1sq.m of CC Hollow blockwork


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What is meaning of Canceled/Flat Beam. What is difference between them? Both type of beam can bear same load if size (width)of the flat beam is increases and depth is same as slab thickness? Kindly suggest to me.


What is Flat/Canceled beam, What is difference between them? can bear same load? kindly suggest me


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How many number of chairs required per Smt.

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what is mean by hysd bar?


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what are the code used for residental building?


1)pile is of 200mm dia.-- a)tell the cutting length of ring considering 2cm cover b) tell the quantity of concrete considering pile length as 3m c) tell concrete quantity in bulb

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is robosand to be use construction ? for slab ?, wall construction and plastering ?,is it give life?,which is best robosand or river sand ?

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What is the maximum allowable 'Silt content' in River sand

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what grades of reinforcement steel are available in market

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what is bond strength of concrete

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1- what is steel rebar cover? 2- what is a rebar stirrup?

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What is the density of steel?

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What is the density of cement?

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how do i remedy a foundatiom that the column bases was cast and aftet 28days crushing the conprehensive strength of the concrete fall below the specification 25N/mm2


how much area can be platered by a mason for exterior


what is modular brick and it size


may i know the detailed description of cutting length


what could be the production cost of 1 cum of concrete by CP30 plant


The definition of national highway


Scaffolding IS code NO.


16 questions out of 55 were from the book GUPTA N GUPTA OBJECTIVE of civil engineering. Total ques were 4 ques from hydraullics, 7 from BMC, 4 FROM SOM, 4 from soil mechanics, 6 from transportation, 5 from engineering drawing.


if dia of inner circle is 42 m and depth is 1.5 m and width is 1 m ,then whait is the quantity of steel?


How can I make justification between using concrete grade c35 compare c37?


In which code the the maximum height of concrete casting has been explained


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What out turn civil works


how many monpower required for 1 sqm normal RCC structure ( includes finishes & MEP )


PCC Road Min Grade M 30 for VR standard Mahatashtra load 30 KN. what should be thickness of pavement, width 4m what should be length of panel.