Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much nails used in 1 sq m shuttering

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how quantity of much blocks, cement and sand is required to complete 1sq.m of CC Hollow blockwork


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What is meaning of Canceled/Flat Beam. What is difference between them? Both type of beam can bear same load if size (width)of the flat beam is increases and depth is same as slab thickness? Kindly suggest to me.


What is Flat/Canceled beam, What is difference between them? can bear same load? kindly suggest me


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How many number of chairs required per Smt.

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what is mean by hysd bar?


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what are the code used for residental building?


1)pile is of 200mm dia.-- a)tell the cutting length of ring considering 2cm cover b) tell the quantity of concrete considering pile length as 3m c) tell concrete quantity in bulb

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is robosand to be use construction ? for slab ?, wall construction and plastering ?,is it give life?,which is best robosand or river sand ?

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What is the maximum allowable 'Silt content' in River sand

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what grades of reinforcement steel are available in market

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what is bond strength of concrete

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1- what is steel rebar cover? 2- what is a rebar stirrup?

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What is the density of steel?

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What is the density of cement?

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How much form and scaffolding per cubic meter volume of concrete class ''A'', ''B'', and ''C''


roll of DLC in road constructions


The properties of concrete HA-30 and how does it differ with M 30 (specify the important characteristics like workability,strength,mix design,slump test value)and what is the standard relating to it


in 2 way slab can additional compressive reinforcement can be provided if yes than in which conditions it is required ?


What is the Systematic Responsibility Site Engineer? Who are the above and under co-oridinating ? What is office & Site co-ordination of Site Engineer?


In Residential home construct footing,beam, column,lintel,rcc roofs which dia rod used how to self assumed


Maximum cement content in 1cum for RCC and PSC? (please give IS,IRC referance?


how to calculate cost of raw materials of a building for 1000 sqft & also consolidated cost of labour in a 1000 sqft building


How can i do RCC rate analysis?


If we buy crush sand for 3200/ Brass and cement for Rs350 /Bag and flyash 1200 / tonne....and my production is 230 Bricks per bag than how much cost is required for 1 flyash brick?


how to calculate the material from ratio of work PCC, RRM,POINTING, RCC


How to calculate paint drums per meter square


show answer/ calculate-1-2-4 ratio-concrete -cement-sand- metal-water - please brief calculation


How much quantity of cement and sand required for the inlining of 610mm dia MS pipe 8.7mm thk.Inlining thickness is 10mm and CM ratio is 1:1.5.


If specific gravity of cement is less than 3.15 what is the cause?