Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is procedure to find the volume of material in M20 concrete?

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what are the Task work of different labour.?


what is the procedure of wet seiving. n percentage of silt in different type of soil?

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procedure to calulate the how much bag of cement is used for M20 grade?

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How much percent dry volume consider for concrete

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sir i want to know that in L & T construction can we do our 6 months training proggramme cum placement???????



unit weight of fine concrete??


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why shear reinforcement is not provided in the design of footing?

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Give me the name of type of slabs?

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1) what do you mean by rolling margin of steel ? 2)pls. tell the cut length formula of stirrups as per IS codes(take out cut length for a beam of 600*300mm with 40mm cover all sides)? 3)what is the multiplying factor of painting for sand faced plaster? 4)if your footing is of size1.9*1.6m . what quantity of length and width you will excavate means what extra margins you will allow as per IS codes in billing?

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How do we calculate the building footing calculation ?

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How can we demolish concrete beams?


What are the effects of water on shear strength and foundations?

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What is the unit weight of cement,sand,Brick,Reinforcement concrete


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what is the minimum reinforcement provided in beams,footings,slabs? what is the minimum soil bearing capacity to design a multistorey building


What is the Systematic Responsibility Site Engineer? Who are the above and under co-oridinating ? What is office & Site co-ordination of Site Engineer?


what is the mode of method of face bar measurement


225 mm thick RCC slab, how many ton load slab can carry? for example if 33 ton truck loaded with soil, truck having 6 wheels. slab can take load or not? grade of concrete is M35 and slab design Fe500, slab desing one way slab.


What is chemical composion test


I used Etabs software to analyse a high-rise building. And I want to use templated UBC-codes inside to calculate the Seismic load. My question is: whether or not I have to control the seismic load by base shear load which is manual calculation? (just for more clarification: I can control this by input the scale factor into Eartquake definition in Etabs) I would highly appreciate your answer.


what will be price of 1:2:4pcc per kg?


how calucate cement sand ratio for plstering


How much cost will come for 900 sq ft cement plastering


How can we demolish concrete beams?


how to calculate detail quantity of bricks and mortar for 500 cu.ft masonry work. consider wall thickness 9 inches


difference between trapezoidal and pedestal footing and how the load acts on that


20 mpa what is the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in one cubic meter of pcc non rainforcement concreate kindly answer including formaula thanks


What is thumb rule in quantity and cost estimation of a residential building?


What is the sugested procedure of water purification for public supply?