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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Sir, Iam Applied in rrb for the posts of Junior Engineer.I want to know about the or question previews to study well.Pl send it to


material calculations for I st coatplastering 16mm CM (1:5),second coat CM(1;3)4mm thick,pcc(1:4:8),RCC M20,lime stone masonry CM(1:6)

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What are Standard weights for concete of gradeM10,M15,M20,M25,M30 Etc.

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methode of psc girder stressing

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diffrence between mjb & mnb


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how to calculate the required qantities of cement, Sand and aggrigate to prepare 1 Cum of concrete mix 1:2:4

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difference between MS rod & TMT rod?

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in construction feild make the column rods are uneven ( e.g 1 column we have 6 nos of bars that 6 nos of bars are varrious level- 1 bar 10';2 bars 9';3 bars 8') what is resion to put different level if difference are required or not?

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Is there a way to know the aprox shuttering qty if vol of concrete is known? any thumb rule?

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why green colour formation on the surface of concrete and plastered surface takes place after curing?

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What is green building?

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hi , can anybody help me about the following doubt...... what is the difference between clear cover, cover and nominal cover to reinforcement ?

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what is the maximum percentage of crush sand in mix design.also what is the difference betweeen grite powder & crush sand.

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how to calculate the density of cement and how can we convert no. of Kgs of cement to Metric tonnes??

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what are the layers of the national and heir aprox thickness??


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if size is 235cmsx15cmx100cms so how many cement bags and how many sand bags are used for concrete mix


what values & beliefs have guided you in your career path


Stringer How many cm goes to landind


What is modular elasticity?


Define What is the origin of name Railway Sleepers?


What is pre-stressed concrete?


Dear Sir What is the Contraction joint for base Slab


punj loyed and sapurjl palanjl


Why steel rods are produced only in even dimensions?


What is absolute coordinates?


residential projects,structural.


What are the responsibilities of a site manager?


Process of pcc in wateredug


What are your goals?


what is meant by csr in foundation? what is sbc?what is meant by contour line?