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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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waht are pressure bulbs


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how to calculate bearing capacity of soil

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how to draw road profile


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mix proportion of M20 AND what are different grades below it

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curing duration

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which is greater moment at centre or fixed end moment for a fixed beam with udl


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to draw bm diagrams for portal frames under different loadings//



what is idealized curve for concrere and steel



Difference between Statics, Dynamics, Kinetics, Kinematics


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what is meant by velocity & gravity ?what is the difference between normal liquid flow & gravity liquid flow ?

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How many number of bricks required for 1 cum & how much mortar quantity require for 1 cum

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Laboratory experiments conducted in Mumbai on a particular mix showed a strength of 33 MP a for a fully matured concrete. Find whether formworm can be removed for an identical concrete placed at Jammu at the age of 15 days when the average temperature is 60C. The stripping stress in concrete


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what is procedure of ordinary pile foundation detial?


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General Knowledge 1. Which is the virus for SWINE Flu? Ans.H1N1 virus 2. Who is Paola Maino? a) Original Name of Sonia Gandhi. b) Mother Name of Sonia Gandhi c) An actress d) Christian Missionary 3. Who is Andy Moles? 4. Which state there is no scheduled caste seat for lok Sabha Assembly? CIVIL ENGINEERING 1. When was Indian road Congress (IRC) established? 2. What is the camber for Concrete Road? 3. What is the camber to be provided for Earth Road? 4. What is the ruling gradient to be provided for Plain roads? 5. What is the type of surveying to be used for deciding the alignment of hilly roads? 6. What is the condition on which Bernoulli law depends? 7. water is which type of fluid a)Newtonian b)Non- Newtonian c)Ideal d)Compressive 8. The law of continuity depends upon what factors? 9. In Plane Table surveying which is done first a) centering b)Leveling c)Orientation d)Centering and leveling simultaneously 10. Pavement width depends upon a)Type of terrain b) lane width c)Type of traffic 11. Which is costliest type of timber a) Sal b) Shish am c) Teak? 12. Which is timber used for making plywood a)Teak c) Bamboo fibers d)Common Timber 13. What is Veneering?

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what is the process of repair the structure in whitch reinforcement is open

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Providing and casting in situ cement concrete M-25 of trap/granite/quartzite/gneiss metal for rcc, Providing formwork,Curing the concrete and Complete. what is rate per Cum. and what is rate for M-30 Grade Concrete.


What is a tensile strength? What is the tensile strength of wood?


Did any of the egyptian pyramids ever fall down?


how much of quantity of material required for execution of one cubic meter of random rubble masonry in 1:3 cement mortar


what is the cost difference of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary and when it is constructed with block masonary and concrete as a frame structure????????????????????????


What should be the lap length in raft if height of raft is 0.800mm couldn't b 50D or 40D...we just have to join upper and bottom there any formula for determine it...


3. A vane 12.5 cm long, 8.8 cm dia was pressed into a soft clay at the bottom of borehole. Torque was applied and the value at failure was 55 N-m. find the shear strength of the clay on a horizontal plane.


How much material will consume for following specification water tank (9*7.5*6 feet)?


How to calculate the cement and fine aggregate requirement for solid block masonry works in terms of Sqm. 1. 400x200x200mm 2. 400x200x100mm 3. 600x200x100mm 4. 600x200x200mm I need the answer for 1 Sqm of solid block works.


In Residential home construct footing,beam, column,lintel,rcc roofs which dia rod used how to self assumed


how can calculate material in 1:1.5:3 ratio in concrete


how to do cementicious paint for rcc walls of cw pump house


what are the ffactors you considered choosing the course?


Forces in a Shear Wall are in plane or out of plane ?


How to calculate(Thumb rule) the consumption of steel per cubic meter for different concrete members.