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what are the different types of sizes of bricks?


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How to calculate carrying capacity of the existing water supply trunkmain


please help me i want that steel bar weight kg/foot if anyone have formula so tell me .

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Steel calculation formala for column,beam and slab.

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what type offoundation suitable for clayey type soil

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plz tell me one brick total plaster area?

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How we calculate the cement for the M 15 normal concrete with aggregate size is 40 mm ?


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how to calculate circular slab reinforcement (6m dia 0.15mmthick)

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1:6 mortar, how many self life hours ?


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How to calculate Volume of Wet cement concrete for a specific grade?



what is the Purpose of Adding 20% of wet mortar & 1/3rd to Dry Mortar for PCC & Plastering & Rcc .is there any standard method for adding this .?


How to Calculate Materials Required for PCC 1:4:8 for 1Cum & Brickwork 1:4 for 1Cum & Plastering 1:4 (15mm Thick) for 100Sqm & RCC 1:4:8 & 2mt ( L1=1mt & L2=1mt ) length of 12mm Steel bended in 90degrees what is the formula to calculate Weight & Actual Length ?

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what is stress?


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Full from of ACC


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why cutting length in design of beam is rounded more for -r/f & less for for +r/f

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Sir I am from jntuk R13 regulation...... Is there any chance to leave credits


which software is better for design and analysis of buildings (stadd pro ) or (Etabs)


a butt weld is specified by


what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.?


could u tell me how to used deform stell bar in reinforce concret?i wanna know the general using in the site!


sir I got selected in rail vikas nigam limited and they call for interview but i don't what they will ask in interview please guide me if you have any experience


how much of quantity of material required for execution of one cubic meter of random rubble masonry in 1:3 cement mortar


Kindly post me previous year interview questions with answer for post of DY. Manager (civil engg.) for GAIL, NTPC, IOC, OIL and ONGC etc.


how to take the quantity of block work and plastering  1block price:3saudi riyal cement:1bag:15 saudi riyal sand:3bag:20 saudi riyal 1mason:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal 1labour:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal can anybdy calculate


A doubly reinforced concrete beam is 25 cm wide and 50cm deep to the centre of tension reinforcement. The centre of compression is steel is 5cm from the compression edge. The areas of the compression and the tension steel are 10.16cm2 and 12.56 cm2 if m=18 and the bending moment at the section is 7,000,000 N-cm. Calculate the stress in concrete and steel.


resins are not soluble in water soluble in spirit used in varnish left behind on evoporation of oil


use ofr concrete as per grade ?


Hi I had missed my mark list (first year-apr2003)how i search in my old mark details in internet and which web site? pl inform me in full details..


In Rcc ratio calculation I wanted to know quantity of Steel also.


IN Compression testing machine 1division =10KN ,then what is compressive strength of 100*100 mm cubes at a load of 320 KN