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How to calculate sand,cement for 1:5ratio brick masonary

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What would be the quantity of cement:Sand:Aggregate (1:2:4) requirement for slab casting measuring 1mtr x 1mtr x 0.10 mtr (4 inches)?

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what will affect low density aggregates on concrete wt?

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how many cubic ft. for 50 kg ( 1 bag ) cement?


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my client's 10 year old building have been affected by the neighbor new building construction with out set back.Old building cantilever bldg hanged by 3". It is supported by introducing 2 rcc columns & beams.Now how to conceal the cracks?

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How to calculate the weight of sand am 20mm course aggregate in 1 c.m M25 concrete Which use 400 kg of cement ?


how to calculate quantity of cement,sand & aggregate for u.c.r / r.r masonry in cm 1:6



why we create short columns under grade slab?


what is the formula for calculating the cement plastering for a circular water storage tank.?plz help me thank you

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how much quantity required on weight of cement & on weight of sand for 1:4 ratio mortar?


what is the quantity of formwork in shuttering and barbending is done by 1 mason and 1 helper


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what is w/c ratio in dry lean concrete for m10 mix design


pl.may i place dry mix in casting of drain bed partialy filled with water?if no pl explain.


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For elevated service Reservoirs what will be the output of each skilled carpenter and bar bender.


say the propotions of different concrete mix desidn(M20 M15 M25 M25 M30)


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std penetration resistance in very stiff clays lies bet 2 & 4 4 & 8 8 & 15 15 & 30


Design an underground tank of internal dimensions 6m x 3m x 3m. The soil surrounding the tank always remains dry. The tank shall be provided with a roof slab. The soil weighs 16000 N/m3 having an angle of repose of 30.


why & what is perchatage we are using fly ash in concrete?


why development length = 50D . why not 100D


how to calculate the no of cement bags required for 100sqft of area 12 mm thick plastering in proportion of 1:3,1:4,1:5,1:6?


how to estimate man power for estimating the time required for completion of a project in terms of carpenters,barbenders,masons for block work ,masons for plasteing ,unskilled labour, painters, tiles masons,plumbers and electricians for medium and high rise constructions and independent villa projects.


if a pipe those configuration (ASTM c 76 class b 450mm dia 2500mm length) fixing for water course those lining of water is 7000 running meter. my question is that if 8 joints of pipe ls leakage and we have not permission to stop the water so which treatment we apply on joint in that in condition.


Which prize is the alternative to the NOVEL Prize?


how to calculate quantity of cement,sand & aggregate for u.c.r / r.r masonry in cm 1:6


Material calculation of cm 1:6 for 1sqm


which steel is better for residential building tmt steel or hysd steel


What is the use of water table & Kreb stone for drain


Ratio for 4500 psi concrete


which is the cheapest type of flooring (say for using for 6 months in a factory building & dismantling it)?


660 square fit two story house make totally how much cement, sant, brick,aggregate, steel totally how much need