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How to calculate sand,cement for 1:5ratio brick masonary

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What would be the quantity of cement:Sand:Aggregate (1:2:4) requirement for slab casting measuring 1mtr x 1mtr x 0.10 mtr (4 inches)?

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what will affect low density aggregates on concrete wt?

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how many cubic ft. for 50 kg ( 1 bag ) cement?


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my client's 10 year old building have been affected by the neighbor new building construction with out set back.Old building cantilever bldg hanged by 3". It is supported by introducing 2 rcc columns & beams.Now how to conceal the cracks?

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How to calculate the weight of sand am 20mm course aggregate in 1 c.m M25 concrete Which use 400 kg of cement ?


how to calculate quantity of cement,sand & aggregate for u.c.r / r.r masonry in cm 1:6



why we create short columns under grade slab?


what is the formula for calculating the cement plastering for a circular water storage tank.?plz help me thank you


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how much quantity required on weight of cement & on weight of sand for 1:4 ratio mortar?


what is the quantity of formwork in shuttering and barbending is done by 1 mason and 1 helper


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what is w/c ratio in dry lean concrete for m10 mix design


pl.may i place dry mix in casting of drain bed partialy filled with water?if no pl explain.


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For elevated service Reservoirs what will be the output of each skilled carpenter and bar bender.


say the propotions of different concrete mix desidn(M20 M15 M25 M25 M30)


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Does VDF add strength to the flooring apart from preventing water ingress?


What ingredients with% found in ppc cement??


estimate quanitity of bricks(19x9x9cm without mortar), cement & sand in 10feet X 10feet wall ?


i want texture painting pwd data


Hi all, please guide me about the volume. And percentage. Of steel fibre to be used. My project. Is Sifcon.


How do you prepare Material Recovery Statement for deduction from contractors bills?


How to calculate the force on a column of three story building. What should be the base concrete height?.


If a slab concrete is placed with M-20 grade concrete, actually it has to be placed with M-30. what are the rectifications / measures to be taken after concreting is done.


why does the most of civil engg is not intersted to going for teaching field?


What is the material consumption- cement,sand,tiles etc for Toilet dado?


plz drive the formula d2/162.162 for the calculation of weight of steel bars????


kindly mail me by attaching files , formats for quality checks of common building materials like cement , concrete , bricks , sand and aggregates plz send my email id-


what is Quantity of stone and sand required for one cubic meter of stone work (UCR)


Need help in designing a degasser tower for 2m3/hr DM plant, also send me the formulae used


a solid steel rod length 2m dia and 20mm vertically hangs from celling and has a collar firmly atteched to it. above the collar an annular rubber washer of 40mm th. having stifness k = 5n/mm is placed. determine maximum stress in the rod caused by mass of 5 kg falling through a height of 1.2m.