Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how can u extent the final setting time of cement?

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how can u extent the final setting time of cement?

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what is the used civil engg?


how to control PQI (Project Quality Index)

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Required concret Surface Temperature prior to coating of epoxy pain with references ASTM or ACI whatever


What is the curing period for Epoxy grouts

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how to explain soil classification

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Is there any relation between grade of concrete and Steel

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What is differnce between founadation & footin ?

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concrete strenght is increased if using sisal fibre in concrete?

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how much quantity are required like cement,sand,aggregate for (46*29*0.41)feet slab? how much this quantity can be calculated?

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convert 1cum how many kilo

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convert 1 kilo into brass

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what is mean by Face bar using in coloums?

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pls tell estimate for 1 kilometre length random rubble masonry 0.90 metre height 0.600 metre width


what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.?


How many Rod required for 58 feet by 24 feet roof slab which is supported by 5 * 3 = 15 Column. Six Stored building Roof Slab = ? Ton 15 Column = ? Ton Slab Beam = ? Ton


if a pipe those configuration (ASTM c 76 class b 450mm dia 2500mm length) fixing for water course those lining of water is 7000 running meter. my question is that if 8 joints of pipe ls leakage and we have not permission to stop the water so which treatment we apply on joint in that in condition.


What happens when,in Prestressed girder the HDPE duct and cone size is provided more than required? (technical answer expected)


why steel tanks are provided (a) for water pressure (b) for wind pressure (c) for earthquake pressure


What is the nature of duties & responsibilites senior civil engineer ?what is self confident & satisfaction should be a senior civil engineer?


I have to conduct load test on greting cover, pressure gauge is in kg cm2, how to caluculate load on this greting cover.


what is the cost differene of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary, and when it is constructed with concrete as a frame structure.????????


How to fix the reinforcement in footing shorter bar at bottom and longer fix at top.


length where bent up is made in slab of bridge from one end


how to calculate the steel in 500yard


how to calculate valuation for the old building?


the volume of cement req for 70cum of brickwork in 1:6 cement mortar is approx is equal to 3cum 5cum 7cum 1ocum


how to calculate the weight of concrete