Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how can u extent the final setting time of cement?

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how can u extent the final setting time of cement?

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what is the used civil engg?


how to control PQI (Project Quality Index)

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Required concret Surface Temperature prior to coating of epoxy pain with references ASTM or ACI whatever


What is the curing period for Epoxy grouts

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how to explain soil classification

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Is there any relation between grade of concrete and Steel

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What is differnce between founadation & footin ?

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concrete strenght is increased if using sisal fibre in concrete?

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how much quantity are required like cement,sand,aggregate for (46*29*0.41)feet slab? how much this quantity can be calculated?

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convert 1cum how many kilo

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convert 1 kilo into brass

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what is mean by Face bar using in coloums?

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I need to constructive work in amaraj batteries


As we know that steel is a tension member but why we are using STRUCTURE STEEL as a COLUMN (Without concrete) where column is a compression member and compression strength of steel is very low


what is pile and deam foundation


why demand factor less then 1 ?


what is the maximum number of course that can be laid according to IS code and the max height.


What is the per cu. mt. price of ready mix in Gujarat region.?


water leak detection system question & answer


1)Why we can use half brick in 4inch wall and 2)why not in 9+inch brick wall


how is the reinforcement is distributed in triangular slab


how to find out hard strata in bored pile when the DMC method adopted.


how to disign cuplock shuttering and it's matireal requirement snd any related web site


How much cement and sand are required for 1 square feet of plaster at a thickness of 15 mm at a ratio of 1:4?


Write short note on construction programme for pile foundation.


how will remove spiderweb cracking in plaster ? what the reasone of make it ?


Kindly post me previous year interview questions with answer for post of DY. Manager (civil engg.) for GAIL, NTPC, IOC, OIL and ONGC etc.