Organic Chemistry Interview Questions
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Give the structure of the product obtained when benzene is acylated with succinic anhydride in the presence of AlCl3?

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Explain about nucleophilic, electrophilic and free radical substitutions?

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What is the difference between torsional strain and steric hinderance?

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what is the Difference between conformational isomers and configurational isomers ?

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What is the difference between chiral center and chiral carbon ?

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What is a proteic unit?

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What is a repartition coefficient?


What does the Rasmol stand for?

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Explain Williamson Synthesis Reation ?

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How would you separate naphthalene and benzoic acid in an ethyl acetate solution?

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Why Dissolving and then reforming crystals can improve their purity?

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How to synthesize methylene bisthiocyanate using CH2Cl2 and NaSCN?


What is the use of N,N-Dimethyl Acrylamide ?

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What is a semi-benzene?

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What is the complex that forms due to interaction between NaBH4 & aceticacid?

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Active Ingredients in septilin ??


Assuming that the density of the solution is the same as the density of water (density of water=1.000g/ml), calculate the mass of water for both reactions using: mass of water = Volume of water Density of water. Mass of water =


Which organic compound is used as a fuel in jet air crafts?


Protactinium-234 is an important tool for studying ocean circulation. How is it utilized in oceanographic research?


seminal on pyrimidine


Discuss the role of Actinium in neutron sources and its contribution to scientific research and advancements.


which question ask me in grasim in inerview?


How hydrate is forming along with API?


What is use of acetonitrile compare to methanol in RP-HPLC Method development?


discuss the diffrent types of chromatography and their uses. In not more than 10 papers oc not less than 8 papers


Define the term distribution coefficient in organic chemistry.


Is cyclotetrane aromatic?


What are acounting Pi electron's?