Botany Interview Questions
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What are Tyloses ?

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Differentiate Lysigenous, Schizogelous cavities ?

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Differentiate Hadrocentric, Leptocentric vascular bundles ?

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Differentiate Torus and Margo ?

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What are bulliform cells and what is their role ?

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What is a Quiscent Centre and what is its importance ?

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what are petro crops?what is the use of petro crops?

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what is the difference between breeder seed and certified seed?

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what is melittopalynology?what is its use?

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what is a trebent?

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what are the demerits of takthajan classification?

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what are the functions of fusiform initials and ray initials?

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what are pseudoannual rings?

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what are brachy sclereids?

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what is the difference between dichogamy and herkogamy?

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what are the sub divisions in subkingdom Embryophyta ?


Give five examples each of plants that have lateral and that have fiberous roots?


is mimosa pudica shows syngenecious stamen?


what is the difference between somatic hybridization and protoplast fusion?


What is the difference between periderm and bark?


Explain how the rings on a tree trunk can tell you the age of the tree and What is that branch of botany called?


what are isoflavonoids and tanins?


what are the recent ly discovrved economicimportance of fungi


what species of flower is a desert plant with tiny pink flowers in clusters and thick jagged leaves?


Why is the Heliconia Caribaea flower called Prince of Darkness?


which type of poliination occurs in rose?


Genetic load means ?


what is the comparative effect of organic manure & NPK fertilizer on amaranthus spp.?


How the plants can survive in Tundra where temperature reaches -57oC?


Toxin X is released only in mature spores of a single fungus and only when both alleles at a single locus are present. The toxin is never observed when the alleles are together in hyphae or modified hyphae. What division is the fungus found in?