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hi friends iam having a doubt on one plant botanical name.actually problem was i know its telugu common name as"THUMMI".i dont know its BOTANICAL NAME and its english common please send me the clue is this is the one of favorite to lord shiva.

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the first land inhabitating plants are


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fertile soil suitable for growing common crops has a pH value of______?


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Do gram or peas leaves have parallel or reticulate venation?

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James Lovelock suggests it is possible to synthesize food from air, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients using an input of energy from a nuclear power station. What would be the chemistry of this process.

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What is minimum requirement of light of a plant for photosynthesis? or On what light intensity plants starts photosynthesis?

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State Quiescent centre theory


what is chemical composition of tonoplast? and why it is considered as non-membrane bounded organelle?

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how does a plant reproduce?

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what will happen if there is no chlorophyll in leaves

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Which plants produces new plant with the help of leaf buds?

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Which plant can produce new plant with the help of underground stem?

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Actually I have studied that Height and weight are according to the age. Is it true? Ex Age : 20 yrs Weight: 43.5 Kg Height: 151.5 cm Is it true means pls tel after 20 yrs. if it is over-height/below height means what happen?

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what is the julogical name(scientific name)of our national fruiet.

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what is assimilation

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what does prothallial cells do?


Why are there so many genera in the family Compositae (Asteraceae)?


How can Philodendron plants live with only halogen lighting?


How can we store plant germplasm for future use?


What is the difference between growing and cultivating?


Explain the structure of the choroplast?


What is the effect of heavy metal concentration on algae?


What is the difference between periderm and bark?


What type of chemical compounds do plants produce during photosynthesis?


what is applied botany?


How do moss and lichen affect the ecosystem?


Donnan's equilibrium?


How does overpopulation effect ecological balance?


what are isoflavonoids and tanins?


How parts of plants are useful in medicine?