Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is contribution? how does it help in taking managerial decisions?


if the chq is dishonored which entry will be passed???????? give example entry

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whats the manufacturing account


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how will rectify the error in trial balance.


whats difference between manufacturing account & cost account


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whats the sales tax slab and company's turnover professional tax slab


how will calculate gratuity.

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if the chq is dishonored which entry will be passed???????? give example entry

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whats the manufacturing account


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how will rectify the error in trial balance.

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whats difference between manufacturing account & cost account



What is the depreciation rates for all the assets?like plant & Machinery,computers,software,land & buildings

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what is provision what is the difference between provision & reserve

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how to answer tell me about yourself in an interview?

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how pass journal entry in the month ending for input vat and out put vat



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In which term & condition excise invoice raises & for what excise invoice raise?


What can go wrong if you have a balance sheet with a lot of debt? What can go wrong if there is negative owner's equity? What does a good cash flow statement look like and why?


DHPL is a small sized firm manufacturing hand tools. It manufacturing plan is situated in haryana. The company's sales in the year ending on 31st march 2007 were Rs.1000 million(Rs.100 crore) on an asset base of Rs.650 million. The net profit of the company was Rs.76 million. The management of the company wants to improve profitability further. The required rate of the company is 14 percent.The company is currently considering an investment proposal. One is to expand its manufacturing capacity. The estimated cost of the new equipment is Rs.250 million. It is expected to have an economic life of 10 years. The accountant forecasts that net cash inflows would be Rs.45 million per annum for the first three years, Rs.68 million per annum from year four to year eight and for the remaining two years Rs.30 million per annum. The plant can be sold for Rs.200 million: (a) The company can borrow funds from a nationalized bank at the interest rate of 14 percent for 10 years. It will be required to pay equal annum installment of interest and repayment of principal. (b) A financial institution has offered to lend money to DHPL at 13.5 per annum but it needs to pay equated quarterly installment of interest and repayment of principal. Questions: (1) Should the company expand its capacity? show the computation of NPV. (2) What is the annual installment of bank loan? (3) calculate the quarterly installment of the financial institution loan. (4) should the company borrow from the bank of from the financial institution?


Please note that all the question related to VAT is belongs to pune, maharashtra. waiting for quality reply.


what stock transfer applicable in sister concern unit.


What is peach tree accounting?


if company give the purchase order worth of 10,000 (INR) in advance, but the seller only sell around 8,000 (INR)and remain ing Rs 2000 return to the company, so how to deal with this scenario in accounts payable in oracle, can u hide to me


cheque deposit is a contra entry?


the bank returned S meyer cheque for R450. the cheque has been dishounerd because of insufficient funds, discount of R50 was allowed the account was settled


Do you know what is project implementation?


how in the big companies the budget are prepared and controlled?


how to calculate the per unit cost of production


What can be done incase of excess payment of TDS Remittence than the actual amount? Is there any adjustment towards the excess amount with the upcoming TDS payment? Reference of last quarter challan should be shown while adjusting in next quarter?


Where I can Found Cost Reduction Techniques Implemented by Various cement Companies


Explain dual aspect term in accounting?