Accounting General Interview Questions
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Which Entry Contain all three accounts Principal(Personal,Real, & Nominal)

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what about the manapuram fm


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how to reverse the receipt cash entry & contra is also passed for it in tally erp 9

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Goods costing Rs.40000 was lost by fire but 3/4th of the claim was accepted by the insurance company

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Labour charge 100000  deduction tds 5%

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Why we are crediting Gross profit or debiting a Gross loss in the profit and loss account?

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What did you meant by Debit and Credit?


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in which voucher we can enter the depreciation entry

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say something about your school



difference between rent office rent

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Under which group in airtel a/c ledger

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please advice example of any single journal entry which include all 3 accounts i.e personal, real & Nominal a/c.


What is mean by assets

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Can you tell me entry tax will be applicable on Spectacles purchase from u s a  


Company purchase software what is the journal entry or software a/c under which department in tally


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what is special purpose ledger in SAP.. is it required to configure in ECC 6.0 since New GL concept is active?


Were i have to enter for agreements in tally and in which ledger it will come


What are the features of financial accounting?


1. The following data is available. Determine the Break Even point in Sales: Sales : $1,800,000/- Fixed Expenses : $ 375,000/- Variable Expenses : $ 1,200,000/-


what is inter-company transaction? what is Inter-Branch transaction?


Tell me what happens to company's “cash account” if it borrows money from the bank by signing a note payable?


What is the difference between consigner and consignee?


Tell me what would you say are the most important qualities of an account manager?


How will I post entries to Tally If I purchased a Car in Loan. The principal Amount = 62930 Interest = 6846 Total = 69776 We have to pay Rs 1191 every month for 4 years which include Principle amount and interest. how can I post the monthly entries to tally


if at the end of the year cash book is showing debit balance whether it is meant that cash is not deposited after deducting expenses in bank and it is in hand and we should deposit in next year


Apportionment of expenses


what is your opinion regarding T.V shows on youth


hi i want to run vendor debit memo after he paid all amount i want to give discount through miro i am giving the price and quantity and run in through miro the system will pass another two more line iteams extra and shwoing dr/cr balance +/- when i will increase the amount this is also increasing what is the reason i dont know please send me immediately


Explain how you can adjust entries into account?


service tax calculated on agreement value or market value whichver is higher for builders?