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Accounting General Interview Questions
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Furniture is Destroyed in Fire ?? Where it will effect in Balance sheet ??


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how to calculate good will of a company

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In which we will use Annuity depreciation method?

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what is mean by portfolio Management?


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What is mean by Amortization?


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What is mean by deffered revenue expenditure?


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What is mean by capital gain


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what is the diffrent between form-c and form 16

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What is the difference between capital expenditure & revenue expenditure

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Please explain about Bad debts (Old & New) and Bad doutful debts?

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Please explain about wages control account?

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Please explain ASAP?

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Who has to prepare credit note and debit note? whether the account department or the concerned department like, purchase department, sales department.

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what is a capital budgeting

Capital IQ,

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what is capital reserve?

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting General }

under which head should be the p & l appropriation a/c should be opened in tally 9? and how to preapare and display it?


what is the right process for input credit of Service tax. and on which service i can take credit.


where to show Preliminary expenses except "Statement of changes in working capital" in Fund flow statement?


hi m freshe working as a account assistance. i want know about accounts, what is balance sheet, profit & loss a/c, trail balance? why these are require to company? how can i know about full account work in tally? what should i do everyday? how to finalisation calculting? kindly explain please..


what is the entry to be made for vat when any purchase is made in that bill vat amount is included ?


Explain compound journal entry.


what are cost accounting and its applications?


Role-specific management accountant job interview questions:


hi...this is chaitanya fresh bcom computer graduate i need job in finance feild will i get in genpact, deloitte, bank of america, or any other mnc...?


want to know the questions and answers frequently asking in banks at the time of interview for any cadre


what is the difference between cash book(cash coloumn) and cash book(bank coloumn)?


hi ,i need some suggestion,comptd my graduation in 2012,but i wasted my time for 6 month,just i want 2 escape from this question,what u did for 6 months,how can i give proper anser to them?pls suggest me


Define depreciation and its types?


for giving the salary in terms of cash to an employee for what minimum amount revenue stamp is reqired to paste the vouceher? up to what limited revenue stamp is required?


Tell me the meaning of long-term notes payable is or long term liabilities?