What is contra entry?

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / jagdish

the transaction from bank to cash and cash to bank is
called contra entry

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / rabindra kumar mallick

The entry directly inter related to both cash & bank i.e.
Cash deposited & withdrawn from bank, Funds transfered from
one bank to Another bank.

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / pradnya

Contra entry includes following transactions :
1) Cash to Cash
2) Bank to Bank
3) Cash to Bank
4) Bank to Cash

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / swetha

this can be seen in three column cash book when the
transaction happen between company cash and bank.

ex:company deposited cash in bank

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / sarada

As per accounting rules, contra entry is a transaction
indicating transfer of funds from
Cash account to Bank account.
Bank account to Cash account.
One Bank account to another Bank account.
One Cash account to another Cash account.

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / thakor

contra entry means the entry in which effect came in to
cashbook and in bank only

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / vinay kumar . pagidikondala

which accounting entry recorded on both sides of the cash
book ( Debit side & Credit side) of the cash book is known
as Contra entry.
Contra entry will come on the picture only when
cash deposited at bank or cash withdrawn from the bank.


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What is contra entry?..

Answer / deepak

We can see contra entry in three coloumn cash book when
transaction are made between a company or firm and bank.

Ex: cash draw in bank by company or firm

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / varun

contra entry means both side related translation cash to bank bank to cash that is also called contra

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What is contra entry?..

Answer / naresh kumar

contra entry is an entry were it is effected in two sides
of accounts i.e. in bank book as well as cash book. it will
b like cash to bank, bank to cash.

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