what is withholding tax

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what is withholding tax..

Answer / arunsidharthan

Withholding tax is the amount withheld by the party making
a payment to another (payee) and paid to the taxation
authorities. The amount the payer deducts may vary,
depending on the nature of the product or service being
paid for. The payee is assessed on the gross amount, and
the tax to be withheld (the withholding tax) is computed in
that assessment. The purpose of withholding tax is to
facilitate or accelerate collection, by collecting tax from
payers rather than a much greater number of payees, and by
collecting tax from payers within the jurisdiction rather
than payees who may be outside the jurisdiction. It may
also be used to counteract tax evasion and tax avoidance.

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what is withholding tax..

Answer / s.sridhar

Deduction Under Section 194 of Income Tax Act.
In simple terms, TDS is the tax getting deducted from the
person receiving the amount (Employee/Deductee) by the
person paying such amount (Employer/Deductor).
Take example as for Salaried employees Form 16 and for
Consultants Form 16A.

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what is withholding tax..

Answer / sukavani

withholding tax its [SAP TERMINOLOGY]---meaning tax
deducted at source

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