what is MD050

what is MD050..

Answer / barodianbuddy(acca)


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how do we pass the Entry for Reserves? and What is the Meaning of Surplus?

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what is the meaning of banking

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what use of form d and form h

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Which Entry Contain all three accounts Principal(Personal,Real, & Nominal)

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What is the difference between General Ledger and Ledger?

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is depreciation a fictious assets?

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If We Are Purchase Any Service For Ex. Agency Charges From Creditors & Give Or Sale The Same To Debtors; Then How I Open Agency Charges Ledger? What Is The Grouping Of It? Is It Purchase A/c. Or Sales A/c.? And If Its Purchase A/c. Then How I Enter It In Debtors A/c. Or Should I Make Two Different Ledgers With Two Groupings Purchase One And Sales One?

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Why you join CA Profession?

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what is the relation of accounting subject with other subjects like economics commerce and statistics?

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1.what is the entry of petrol of payment made by credit card of owner? 2.what is the entry of petrol of payment made by credit card of Company?

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What do you mean by trial balance?

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what is Credit?

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