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Karvy Interview Questions
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What is Antimicrobial index?

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Say about your strengths and weaknesses ?

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How do you consume a web service ?

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Show by induction that 2n > n2, for all n > 4.

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How many times National Emergency has been declared in India? 1 Only once 2 Twice 3 Thrice 4 Never

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tell me something about yourself

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How to run FileSystemObject in ASP

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what is bond and what is debentures

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technical test questions of yesbank/ kotak / reliance money


Banking interview questions.......

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Difference between notify url, return url in paypal payment gateway?

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accounting principles? types of deperciation? types of ratios?

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What is Repo?

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Types of Lease?

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Explain The Financial & Economic meaning of investment? What is the difference between INVESTMENT & GAMBLING?

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Explain what are standard layouts sets in the sap script?


What type of security is needed in web services?


What is data structure and why we need it?


Is mariadb a nosql database?


Where would you find a tormogen cell?


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Define the phenomenon resonance?


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What is the method of estamating of cable, CB,MCB ?


1. I want to create an installment method payment term whereby my customer pays 50% as Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days. How to configure the 50% advance payment term in OBB8 as system does not take negative days say -1 . I have created Z100 as 50% Advance Payment & 50% Net 45 days, Z101 as 50% Adv Pyt and Z102 as 50% Net 45 days in OBB8 and then assigned the same in OBB9 to Z100, 1, 50%, Z101 and Z100, 2, 50%, Z102. But the payment terms Z101 should be having -1 days instead of 0 days. How to configure this or achieve the payment term of advance payment? 2. My purpose is that during FB70, I should get a warning message that advance payment has not yet been received for this customer having this installment payment term Z100. It should not let me post the invoice unless 50% adv pyt has been received. At present we are not using Down Payment functionality. But I assume that without the Down Payment functionality the same cannot be achieved. Please confirm this. How can I achieve the above requirements? 3.Dear Group - Our Purchasing Dept has asked me to create a new payment term with the following terms: "Payable 90% upon delivery, 60 days net, 10% upon acceptance, 60 days net". So when we receive the invoice, we get a 10% discount off the total price, due within 60 days. The balance is due 60 days after that. Any ideas on how I would configure this using transaction OBB8. IT IS VERY URGENT FOR ME KINDLY SEND ME THE ANSWER ON MY


Can we maintain state in webservice?


Is perl a case sensitive language?