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Karvy Interview Questions
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What is Antimicrobial index?

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Say about your strengths and weaknesses ?

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How do you consume a web service ?

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Show by induction that 2n > n2, for all n > 4.

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How many times National Emergency has been declared in India? 1 Only once 2 Twice 3 Thrice 4 Never

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tell me something about yourself

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How to run FileSystemObject in ASP

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what is bond and what is debentures

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technical test questions of yesbank/ kotak / reliance money


Banking interview questions.......

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Difference between notify url, return url in paypal payment gateway?

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accounting principles? types of deperciation? types of ratios?

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What is Repo?

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Types of Lease?

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Explain The Financial & Economic meaning of investment? What is the difference between INVESTMENT & GAMBLING?

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What is the link between planned working time infotype (it 0007) and basic pay infotype (it 0008)?


Is rtx 2070 super worth it?