What is enrichment culture?

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What is enrichment culture?..

Answer / shivakeshavulu

enrichment culture which allows the fastidious pathogenic
organism and inhibits the non pathogenic & non fastidious.

example: choclate agar, selenite f-broth etc.

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What is enrichment culture?..

Answer / kishore

enrichment medium favours the growth of particular micro organism and at the same time inhibits the growth of other micro organisms

examples are blood agar and choclate agar medium

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What is enrichment culture?..

Answer / sonia

in some cases usually nonpathogenic bacteria tend to
overgrow the pathogenic ones, in such cases , substances
which have a stimulating effect on the bacteria to be grown
or an inhibitory effect on those to be suppressed are
incorporated in the medium. if such substances are added to
a liquid medium the result is an absolute increase in the
numbers of wanted organisms relative to the other bacteria.
such media are called enrichment media..

eg. tetrathionate broth.

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What is enrichment culture?..

Answer / biomaster

When the culture is fully grown, therefore the percentage
of azatobacter in the total population will have increased
greatly. The method thus is called “enrichment culture”.

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