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What are the divisions of food according to the functions it
performs ? Describe them

What are the divisions of food according to the functions it performs ? Describe them..

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Different kinds of food can be divided into two kinds
according to the functions they serve. They are :
(a) the foods that act as body builders.
(b) The foods that produce energy i.e., energy producers.

Body-builders: Food of this variety provides the materials
that are required for the construction of the body. There
are various kinds of substances that help in the
construction of the human body.

1. Protein: It is the name of the substance of which our
body is built up. It is a chemical compound composed of
nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and sulphur. Without
protein life is impossible. The name protein is derived from
the Greek work protos which means first. It is available in
the vegetables or meat pr eggs we eat.
2. mineral salts : Apart from proteins there are certain
mineral salts that help to build the body. Bones and teeth
are built of calcium and phosphates. Iron salts are
necessary for the formation of blood. For the general build
up of the body. Iodine compounds are necessary. These
mineral salts are available in fruit and other vegetables.
3. water : this is another most important constituent of the
human body. Nearly two-thirds of the weight of our body
consists of water. It is obtained through the food we eat
and the water we drink.

Energy-producers : Energy is required t run the human
machine, just as coal is required to run a steam engine or
electricity is required to run a fan. This is provided to
the body by two kinds of fuel known as carbohydrates and
fats. These are chemical two substances in these chemical
compounds are hydrogen and oxygen. These carbohyrates are
provided by foods which are called starchy foods. Both
cabohydrates and fats are present in many of our foods.

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