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General Science Interview Questions
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Which among the following is a positively charged particle emitted by a radioactive element? 1 Alpha ray 2 Beta ray 3 Gamma ray 4 Cathode ray

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Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of 1 Proton 2 Electron 3 Neutron 4 None of these

Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission JSSC,

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Which of the following is a good nuclear fuel? 1 Uranium-238 2 Neptunium-239 3 Thorium-236 4 Plutonium-239


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Long distance photography is facilitated by 1 Visible light 2 X-rays 3 Infrared rays 4 Ultraviolet rays


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The difference between a nuclear reactor and an atom bomb is that 1 No chain reaction takes place in nuclear reactor while in the atomic bomb there is a chain reaction 2 No chain reaction takes place in atomic bomb while it takes place in a nuclear reactor 3 The chain reaction in nuclear reactor is controlled 4 None of these

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How many colours the sunlight spectrum has ? 1 Five 2 Three 3 Seven 4 Nine


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What is the wavelength of visible spectrum? 1 1300A-3000A 2 3900A-7600A 3 7800A-8000A 4 8500A-9800A

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Which radioactive pollutant has recently drawn the attention of the public, due to its occurrence in the building material? 1 Radium 2 Radon 3 Thorium 4 Plutonium

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In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is due to the 1 Conversion of neutrons into protons 2 Conversion of chemical energy into nuclear energy 3 Conversion of mass into energy 4 None of these


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Which of the following types of photons has the highest energy? 1 Visible radiations 2 Radio waves 3 Gamma rays 4 X-rays

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Atoms of an element differ from those of all other elements in 1 Atomic number and electronic configuration 2 Atomic number and number of valence electrons 3 Number of neutrons and electronic configuration 4 None of these

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Which of the following is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors? 1 Heavy water 2 Cadmium 3 Liquid sodium 4 None of these

WBCS West Bengal Civil Service,

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The isotope of uranium capable of sustaining chain reactions is 1 U-235 2 U-238 3 U-239 4 None of these

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Radioactive disintegration of uranium ultimately results in formation of 1 Radium 2 Thorium 3 Polonium 4 Lead

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Atom bomb is based on the principle of 1 Nuclear fusion 2 Nuclear fission 3 Both (a) & (b) 4 None of these

ECAT, Group 4 iv, Qnet, UPSC,

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When was the administration control of terls enstrusted to physcial research laboratory, ahmedabad?


Who is the second female cosmonaut?


Name any two modern branches of Physical Science


What is super nova?


Which is the first atomic submarine of india?


Who invented telescope?


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Explain the Aesthetic and Moral values of Science


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if appointed at aryabhatt school for how long should we expect you work with us


whate is the difference b/w aflatoxions&ocharatoxions


what is center of gravity?


In which year, atmospheric observations using balloons started?


The year in which magnetic observations were started in mumbai and thiruvananthapuram?