General Physics Interview Questions
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How can you save the sea from oil and sound polution?


does plane mirror produce real image?how?

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A man asks his friend to meet him at the airport at 3.00pm,to drive him to an appointment.he catches an earlier plane,and arrives at the airport at 2.00pm.he decides to start walking and is picked up en route by his friend.he arrives twenty minutes early for his long did he walk?

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Why cell phones radiate heat while talking a long time ?

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Why we cant break an egg by applying force along conical sides?

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How can you conform that magnetic lines come from a single bar magnet with out any external instruments?

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In any current connection there are two wires one is phase and another is neutral, what is the use of neutral wire?

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Is it possible to convert a heat energy into magnetic energy?

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Giraffe in Arabic means "the highest of all." The height of a giraffe is an average of 5 m, its mass is about 800 kg and hooves is an area of approximately 625 cm2. Using a straw from a material nedeformabil a giraffe trying to drink water from a lake, not to condescend. What is the ratio of the minimum pressure to be applied giraffe, mouth, at the end paiului to drink water and pressure of giraffe on the ground. The density of water. g = 10 m/s2


what is the relative speed between 2 serial electrons running in same direction along the wire?

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how sunlight produce e.m wave in vacuum?

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Whar are the different parts of the x-ray radiation intensity graph? : quantum physics


Explain what is an electron?


Which waves are used in sonography?


What is curvilinear motion?


How is nuclear fission different from nuclear fusion?


What is physical significance of wave function? : quantum physics


What is anti - noise?


Explain the difference between a lens and a mirror?


How much does sea salt weigh per cubic foot?


Explain the different parts of the x-ray radiation intensity graph? : quantum physics


a car starts from rest with uniform acceleration "a" for sometime and then with uniform retardation "b" and comes to rest. The time of motion is "t". find the maximum velocity attained by it?


Explain what is the homogenous?


What is the translucent?


Distinguish between emission and absorption line spectra. : quantum physics


Which property of the rain coat makes it water proof?